What are storage units in Fulham?

Whether you’re moving house or you need to clear out some junk, a storage unit may be the answer to your space problems. Storage units are dedicated spaces on secure premises that businesses and individuals can use to store their goods. Those who need storage space pay a set price and in return, they benefit from a clean and dry area that’s kept under lock and key. If you’d like to know more about whether a storage unit is for you, read on.

Where are storage units located?

Storage units are often located away from busy town and city centres, although this isn’t always the case. They benefit from locations that are clean and dry, which means those who use them can rest assured their goods won’t encounter damage. The buildings are easy to access, with the tenant having their own lock and key that allows them to reach their goods without prior arrangement. As such, they’re as convenient as they are secure.

What security features are in place to keep goods safe?

Self-storage facilities benefit from round-the-clock digital security, which means there’s CCTV on hand to make sure goods are constantly secure. In addition, storage units in Fulham benefit from an access system that is unique to the storage area being accessed, so there’s no risk of another user reaching your goods by mistake. Facilities benefit from perimeter fencing that’s constantly monitored for access, which means anybody who accesses the property has to go through security measures first. Finally, there are staff on site throughout the week, each member of which is fully trained to spot when someone is behaving suspiciously.

Are goods protected against damage in storage units?

Each storage unit is dry and clean, which allows users to rest assured they won’t encounter problems such as mould. In addition, those who use such facilities have the option of accessing additional protective barriers. This includes shelving for items that must be stacked neatly, boxes, and bubble wrap.

Storage Units Fulham

Providing you have enough space, you can make your storage unit as flexible as you like. You’re free to move items in and out, which means the unit essentially acts as an extension of the space you have in your own home. If you’re interested in utilising self-storage space for your own needs, use our space calculator to work out the size of the storage space you’re looking for, then contact Chelsea Self Storage for further expert help and guidance.

Our facility is easily accessible and offers free customer parking to make your time with us that little bit easier. What’s more, our facility is fully secured, alarmed and monitored to ensure your belongings are safe.

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