Top tips for organising your house move

There are so many different things to consider when moving house. Indeed, it is often quoted that one of the most stressful experiences you will have in life is moving home! Given that, it is important to make that move as efficient and stress-free as possible. With having to consider both the leaving of your old home, and the move into new premises, the better organised you are, the less taxing it will be.

Here are a few of the major aspects you need to consider:

Packing your items

It is best to start with the rooms you use least. This will allow you to continue your everyday life in as normal a fashion as possible, as you are less likely to need the things in your least used rooms. Similarly, depending upon the time of year, it may be prudent to pack all your garden furniture/utensils, and things from your sheds and outside buildings, prior to packing the house items.

Labelling your boxes

Though it may not seem to be particularly relevant when packing up to move out, it is essential for the unpacking at the other end! If faced with lots of unlabelled boxes at your new house, it is an onerous task to ‘hunt down’ items you may need immediately (kettle, toaster and such).

Consider using colour coded labels for ease of recognition. Not only does this allow you to identify what the boxes contain but also help removal staff with which room to unload each box in the new property. Assign priorities to the boxes with the labels – this will help in establishing the order in which they should be loaded, and appropriately unloaded later, when unpacking. It is also a good idea to boldly mark boxes as ‘Fragile’, wherever appropriate, to protect more vulnerable items.

Consider personal self storage

Very often the move to a new home will coincide with the purchase of new furniture and such. It is not always possible, however, for delivery of such items to fit exactly with the moving date. In these circumstances it is worth considering organising some personal self-storage.

Renting self-storage space will allow some leeway, either side of the actual removal date, for items to be safely stored until they can be appropriately installed in the new premises. This is not only a good solution for potential new furniture, but can be also be an effective way to ease the move from your existing property over a period of time before the actual removal, when it may not be feasible to achieve it all on one day.

Other important things that can be forgotten

There are other, ‘non-physical’ aspects to consider also. Think about the admin aspect of your move – notifying relevant bodies of your change of address. Utility companies (gas, electricity, water, internet etc.) will need to instructed, both to finalise arrangements at the old house, and to insure these facilities are present in the new property. The local council and electoral roll bodies will need to be informed, along with people such as the DLA (for your driving license), your employer and any membership organisations you belong to.

As stated earlier, moving house can be stressful and emotional, so consider perhaps having young children – and perhaps any pets – looked after through the bulk of the move to ease any upset. Then, when the children arrive at the new house, it will be an exciting experience for them to unpack their things in their new rooms, as opposed to having to witness the potentially upsetting task of them being packed away at their old home.

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