How office storage can help with your big move

Businesses move premises and locations for a variety of reasons – business has outgrown current facilities, geographical change of the business focus – sometimes the business may be ‘downsizing’, and no longer need the size of premises they have. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain – it can be a busy and stressful time for all staff involved. There is a way to ease some of this stress though – by using business storage you can plan, and execute, the move more easily.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider office storage:

Keep important items and documents safe

Self-storage facilities are ideal places to keep items of importance and value. Part of your office move will be to transport documents and official paperwork, that need to be kept secure and in good condition. Business storage can provide a secure, dry environment for these items.

Indeed, all the objects in your office – such as desks, chairs, computer hardware and such – are vital to your business, so any office storage you use must be safe. Self-storage units offer state-of-the-art security – surveillance cameras, automated entries and personally coded entry into the facilities. Many are staffed twenty-four hours a day, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your items are secure.

Plan in stages and enable a quick initial office move

Moving office is invariably a big job – and a stressful time for all involved! Packing up all of your office furniture and items is an onerous task in itself – having to unpack it all again a few hours later on the same day, at your new premises, doubles the effort and the stress.

By opting to rent a self-storage unit, you can plan your move in stages rather than all in one go. You can put some of the items that you don’t need on a daily basis into storage beforehand, therefore ensuring that the essential things you need to set up the new office quickly are to hand and easily installed. The other items you have in storage can be moved into the new office on a more leisurely basis.   

Create space for safely packing essential items

It’s often only when you’re preparing for something like an office move that you realise just how disorganised, or messy, your current office is! This, of course, is a hindrance when trying to get everything sorted and packed away for the move itself. By putting daily ‘non-essential’ items – coffee tables, filing cabinets and such – into storage beforehand, you can, not only ‘stagger’ the time and effort needed, but also create more space in the office, making it easier to pack and store the vital items on the day of the actual move.

This also makes it easier to ensure that you have absolutely everything you need to take with you – it is far easier to conduct an accurate inventory of your goods when you can clearly see what, and where, they are!

So, when starting to prepare for an office move, or move of any kind, it is always worth considering using self-storage to make the overall task easier.

Chelsea Self Storage

Chelsea Self Storage we have 30 years experience in providing the ideal storage solutions for businesses. We understand the optimal storage methods for archived documents and records and can help you calculate the right size of unit you’ll need to maximise your budget. With some of the lowest competitive rates in the capital, we’re convinced that we can offer a file management solution that’s just right for your business.

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