What are self-storage prices in Battersea?

Well, “there’s the rub” (as Hamlet said in his famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy).  It’s all very well coming up with all these brilliant ideas about self-storage, and what an elegant solution it is to so many problems, but if it isn’t value for money then surely it’s all a bit academic isn’t it?

And let’s be clear.  Value for money doesn’t translate to “cheap”, does it?  It translates to an amount of money that the buyer thinks is fair, reasonable, and competitive for the products or services being bought – which may or may not be “cheap”.  After all, it depends what you’re buying doesn’t it?  It’s possible to spend £100,000 on an E-type Jaguar (a thing of beauty!) … so if you see one for £30,000 it’s potentially value for money, although it could hardly be called cheap.  You get the gist.

So if we now return to the subject in hand – self-storage prices in Battersea, how do we calculate if it’s value for money or not?

  1. the first thing to consider is the cost of space in Battersea, which as we’ve discussed is at the root of the issue.  After all, if space were that cheap people would just buy bigger flats or houses.  The fact is that property prices in Battersea aren’t cheap by any definition – the majority of sales during the last year were flats, selling for an average of £816,287; terraced properties sold for an average of £1,232,406, with semi-detached properties fetching £1,543,538 (source: Rightmove).  These are 12% up on the previous year.  So, if you compare self-storage to the “cost” of additional space in a flat or house, it’s what we call a “no brainer”
  2. the next thing to look at is contract flexibility.  A headline cheap storage rate is one thing – but if you have to sign up for a minimum period of time – which you don’t end up needing – you can be substantially worse off
  3. then there’s the question of whether you only pay for the space you actually need, or once again whether some sort of minimum applies.  These are all the sorts of issues that come back to haunt you if they’re buried within the T&C’s.
  4. next, think about location.  The deal can look reasonably attractive at first glance, but if the storage facility is inconveniently situated, the cost of transferring items there and back can soon add up
  5. and while we’re on the subject of T&C’s, are there any hidden costs such as insurance, or retrieving some of your stuff early?
  6. which leads us onto the headline figure – the storage rates themselves.  Sure, these need to be competitive, but they also need to be taken into context with all of the factors mentioned above.

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