Personal self-storage in Battersea: reasons to use

Self storage?  A lot of people never know it’s possible, let alone consider it.  So let’s think about the top 7 reasons for doing it – and it all starts with one simple word …


As we’ve said before, very few of us have enough of it, and even fewer have space to spare.  So when we’re faced with anything out of the ordinary, or we’re simply becoming too overloaded or cluttered, we need to think of new ways of creating it.

We could start throwing stuff away, or giving it to charity – and this isn’t always a bad idea (although be careful that you don’t throw away any old Picasso’s gathering dust in the loft) – but there may be very good reasons why that isn’t always such a good idea.

Of course, the problem gets even worse the more expensive space is, and it doesn’t get much more expensive than London.

So why might we consider personal self-storage in Battersea?

Here are our top 7 (and there are several more too):

  1. moving house or flat.  An obvious choice really, especially as the timings don’t always work out.  If you find yourself in that awkward and frustrating position of having to move out of your old place but your new place isn’t quite ready, self-storage is the perfect answer
  2. de-cluttering to sell your house or flat.  Yes we know that people buy the house and not what’s in it (usually), but there’s very little doubt that unless you’re unusually fortunate and/or the people looking are a trifle eccentric, the most effective way to sell your house is to make it look clean, tidy … and spacious
  3. needing to clear space for building work or decorating.  If you have a short term project such as an extension or other building work, or are doing some serious decorating, it’s a good idea to move as much stuff as possible out of the way – not only to make the building or decorating easier but to protect the stuff!
  4. storing seasonal clothes and other items.  We don’t need to have a lot of stuff for this to make sense – however much or little space we have, and however much stuff, if we’re not going to even look at it for months why not get it out of the way until you need it?  This could apply to clothes, sports equipment (e.g. skis) or anything else
  5. working from home.  You may be working or running a small business from your home, or perhaps be an avid EBAY trader; why not keep the things you sell out of the home but readily accessible?
  6. garage readjustment!  So you’ve bought a new car, or bike, or something equally exciting, and you want to keep it in the garage … but it’s full of “stuff”.  Yes – you guessed – put all the “stuff” in self-storage until you’ve had a chance to sort it all out!
  7. off-site storage.  You may not be running a business – it may simply be that your home is full.  So why not use self-storage on a longer term basis for all those items you don’t need all that often?

There are numerous more reasons too, as we’ve said (clearing out the loft, student’s summer storage, somewhere to keep bulky sporting or hobby equipment etc.) but you get the gist … and you’re in exactly the right place to sort it out!

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