Our quick university packing guide

Whether you are just starting your University experience or returning after the summer holiday, there is always a need for substantial packing – you need to be fully equipped for the busy academic and social year ahead!

Here is a quick checklist of the items you will need to have at your disposal when you arrive at this year’s accommodation:

  • Check what kitchen supplies you need
  • Don’t forget chargers and power cables
  • There’s still a place for basic stationery at university
  • Personal products and cleaning items will cost after you arrive
  • Don’t just pack enough clothing for a 2 week holiday
  • Take all important documents such as ID and tenancy agreements

Check what kitchen supplies you’ll need

Depending upon what is supplied in your University accommodation you may or may not NEED these kitchen items – but it is far better to have your own anyway! Pack with you, cutlery (knives, forks, spoons), crockery (plates, dishes), mugs and glasses and any appliances you favour (kettle, toaster, sandwich makers).

If you’re being extra fussy, then consider taking your own pots and pans and take with you clingfilm and kitchen foil. Final item for practical use – laundry detergent – you’ll have to wash those jeans eventually!

Don’t forget all your chargers and power cables

Perhaps your most valued items for packing – you can’t exist without your laptop or PC, your TV or, heaven forbid, your games consoles! Remember also, these things won’t work without your CHARGERS – and it’s always worth packing an extension cable!

There’s still a place for basic stationery

These days most study work is carried out digitally, but there is still a place and a necessity for basic stationery items – pack with you, paper, notepads, pens, and pencils – and ‘sticky notes’ always come in handy!

Personal essentials and cleaning products

Important things to consider – and having to buy things you don’t really enjoy spending your money on! Yes – those essentials for the bathroom you need daily – you need to pack personal cleaning items like shampoos and shower gels, other beauty products where desired, such as moisturisers, skin products and make-up. Aside from those you need cleaning products for maintenance of your bathroom – toilet paper, cleaner and brush, towels, clothes basket, and surface cleaners. Remember, also, medicines and painkillers such as paracetamol – these may come in handy more often than you think!

A more enjoyable aspect of personal items to pack are pictures, photographs, and posters – your university room is YOUR domain so ensure you have the items to make it look how you want!

Don’t just pack like you’re going on holiday

Remember, you are not going on holiday for a couple of weeks – you are effectively moving house, so you will need to take all, or most, of your clothing from home. Ensure to take clothing for all eventualities and weathers – coats, ‘lounging’ clothes such as sweatshirts, joggers etc., ‘smart’ clothes such as shirts, trousers, suits, dresses – items you will need for job interviews, ‘posh’ Uni ceremonies and getting into the ‘fussy’ places with dress codes! Remember to take shorts and t-shirts and any gym and sports gear you will need. Creating a full inventory of clothing to pack against and take with you is a good idea.

Don’t forget about bedding items – it is always nice to have to have your own, familiar duvet, sheets, and pillowcases.

Take all important documents you might need

Very important items to remember to take with you – but not very exciting to think about! Ensure you take with you:

  • Tenancy contract
  • Any insurance documents
  • Student finance and bank paperwork
  • University documentation including admission documents
  • Medical documents and records – very important!
  • Passport, Driving License, and any other ID documentation

It is impossible to take everything from home with you to University and fit it into a place where space is often at a premium in your student accommodation. You will also, inevitably, add to your possessions over your term and crowd your space even more – one answer to this problem is to rent a student storage unit. Student storage in London can provide a safe, secure, and dry space for all, or any, of your valued possessions whilst allowing you access to them whenever you need them any time of day or night.

Student storage units are available on short or long term leases at affordable prices.