How to store clothes long term

We all accumulate excess items in our homes over time and very often are guilty of ‘hoarding’ stuff – with clothing being one of the biggest culprits!

There may be valid reasons for retaining clothing – baby clothes are a good example of items not used daily or weekly but may well be required again at some time in the future. Perhaps you are planning to spend a considerable period away from home for some reason and cannot take all your clothing with you – or maybe you just buy a lot of clothes and have run out of space in your house! Whatever your reason, there may just be a requirement for you to find a solution for clothing overcrowding – and just putting it in boxes and shoving them in the garage or attic is not the best answer!

Long term clothes storage can be a great option to either store seasonal clothes or for just storing clothes in general – here are some aspects you should consider when thinking of your clothes storage:

What you Should Keep, Sell or Store

Any clothes items that you use regularly and can be stored at home safely and in good condition are the items that you should retain and keep at home in your wardrobes and drawers. You may have some clothing items that are no longer required as part of your wardrobe but whose fabric may be used for other purposes – and if not can be donated to clothes banks or other relevant charities.

If you have items that have been hardly – or never – worn (we all have them!), then you may be able to sell these on one of the many online platforms for “pre-loved” clothing items or even venture out on a Sunday morning and try your luck at the local car boot sale!

Then we are left with the clothing items that you cannot bear to part with but are not part of your regular outfits – those items that are of value to you and you want to keep but no longer have the relevant storage space for – these are your storage items!

Cleaning and repair

Not all these items you’ve opted to retain may be in the best of condition – there may be some clothes items you are keeping for sentimental value. It is always worth performing some cleaning and, if necessary, some running repairs on these items to go to storage. Check all pockets are empty and that the items are clean – if they have existing stains, these will only get worse, and the clothing deteriorate in their time in storage if left. Clean them and pack them away before putting into storage.

Make an inventory

Make an inventory of all your storage items – this will make it easier for you to remember exactly what items you have and may prevent you from making unnecessary future purchases on duplicate or similar clothing items!

Pack carefully

You have made the decision that these items you are retaining are important to you – so ensure that you pack them carefully and considerately. Some, but not all, items may be appropriate to be packed away in those vacuum sealed bags to save space, but other items may need air circulation to protect their quality and avoid moisture damage, so consider other storage container options. Ensure that everything is folded and packed gently and neatly and, where necessary, with appropriate fabric fresheners and protectors.

Storage units

Bespoke storage units are the perfect solution for your long-term clothes storage needs but selecting the correct storage unit facility for your beloved clothes is important. Ideally you will want a unit that is cool, dark and, essentially, clean and dry! You will also want your storage unit to be secure and offer you good, flexible access to your items.

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