How to survive as a student in london

Going to university is an exciting, if somewhat daunting, experience – striking out on your own away from home will bring new opportunities for experiencing many different things and meeting new friends.

If you are going to one of the many prestigious London universities then there will be so much on offer for you to do socially – bars, restaurants, clubs, galleries, museums, parks, and such. Most of these experiences though, come with a cost – and London can be an expensive place to live with rent, entrance fees and food and drink not cheap!

There are, however, ways to offset and reduce your everyday cost of living as a student – here are some tips for surviving and coping with student life in London:

Work Part-Time

Any extra money you can generate to supplement your student grant is going to be a great help – and the work experience will also stand you in good stead when you have completed your studying and earned your degree! It is always easier to get a job if you already have one, strange as that may sound!

Eat In

For many, going away to university will be the first time you will be properly independent – and that means cooking for yourself! Whilst it is tempting – and tasty – to live off takeaways and fast food every day, it is also expensive! Honing your cooking skills will prove both enjoyable and economical in the long run.

Free Entry Bars and Clubs

London is a busy, vibrant city with countless numbers of bars and clubs – but it can prove an expensive night-out! Identify some bars that are accessible to you without the need for expensive taxis – student bars and clubs often offer free entry and drink deals in ‘Happy Hour’ or similar promotional nights.

Economic Travel

Walking is both free and healthy, so wherever it is feasible to reach your destination on foot, do so! Familiarising yourself with the underground will help you get to know the city properly as well as proving to be an economical way to get around.


There are lots of businesses that offer free ‘stuff’ or goods at discounted student rates – take advantage of these whenever and wherever you can! Even if it is stuff you don’t really want or need yourself, take advantage of them and gift or trade them with your friends – items such as bags, t-shirts and pens will always come in handy somewhere and look out for free and discounted food and drinks that are on offer.

Lectures and Exam Preparation

You are at university primarily to study and learn, so take advantage of the lectures available to you and attend as many as you can. Always go prepared with a laptop or notepads and pens – remember you don’t need to write or record every detail of the lecture – there will be an opportunity to revisit the lecture content by referring to the powerpoint presentation used or the online lecture itself.

With regards to exams, ensure you allow yourself a couple of hours a day to revise your lecture notes and prepare properly. Taking an active role in any discussions and debates will be a help in remembering and understanding the content of any lecture or seminar you are attending.

Student Storage

Student accommodation is notorious for often being, in estate agent speak, ‘compact and bijou’ – in other words – small! Space is often at a premium so making use of student storage in London is a sensible option – student storage units offer a solution to keep your valuable belongings safe and secure in a controlled and professionally monitored environment.

You can have 24-hour access to your student storage unit, so can easily make use of certain belongings as and when you need them. These student storage units are also a great option for storing your belongings in between term times and different student locations, as opposed to having to transport all your worldly goods every time you change address or return home for summer or other breaks.

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