A quick to do list for storing business items

The ‘new world’ of business premises and the requirements for space compliance, brought about by the pandemic, may likely mean that you will have to be reconfiguring your work premises – flexible business storage can be a great aid in achieving that goal.

Many workplaces have furniture or equipment that is surplus to everyday requirements and, with the new social distancing considerations going forward, the ideal way to cater for this is to identify and hire business storage units.

Here are some quick tips to consider in how to maximise your space and as you prepare to put your items into business storage:

Choose the best storage facility

It is always advisable to research your area for the ideal storage facility. There will likely be many to choose from in the London area, but not all facilities offer the same services, space or security. Obviously, consider the geographical location – the closer the business storage facility is to your place of business or work the more convenient it will be to access when needed potentially saving you both time and money.

The security aspect of the facility is a big consideration – your belongings are valuable to you and you will want to ensure that they are being stored safely. Choose a facility that provides twenty-four hours CCTV and the best security technologies, along with your own personal access code and padlock.

Ensure that your chosen business storage facility offers units of different sizes – you want a unit that is big enough to store your belongings, but not too big as you will be paying for space you do not need. The facility should offer different unit sizes therefore offering you flexibility to change units if your space requirements alter.

Get properly organised

Before transporting your desired items to your London business storage facility, ensure that you have sorted what items you want to move, and which are to remain in your office or business premises.

Consider the current social distancing requirements for workplaces when deciding which items of furniture and equipment you want placing in storage and which you need to retain.

When the items for storage have been identified, calculate what packaging – boxes, wrapping etc – you will require to properly protect the items whilst being moved.

Ensure you pack correctly

It is important to think about how, and in what box/container, each item is to be packed – ensure that ALL boxes are clearly labelled so that every item can be easily identified and accessed. The last thing you want is to have to start searching through boxes for individual items every time you need anything from storage.

Packing your items correctly is very important – certain items will need more packaging than others to protect them from damage and breakage in transit. Do not overfill your containers – a box that is too heavy makes it difficult to move so try to evenly spread the weight loads to ensure no individual box is too heavy to be handled. Once your items are packed, tape the boxes shut, label them and clearly indicate where they are to go and how and which way up, they are to be stacked in storage.

Organise your storage unit efficiently

Plan the layout of your London business storage unit before you start to load items into it. Ensure the most accessed items are stored in the front and are easily accessed – create aisles with enough space to comfortably move between and try to store smaller, lighter items on shelving within easy reach.

Chelsea Self Storage

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