How business storage can help you downsize after the lockdown

Nobody could have predicted the events of the previous months and the Covid-19 pandemic – it has had a grave impact on all aspects of life and every business has been affected in some shape or form.

One of the major issues going forward is adapting to the “new normal” with companies reassessing many aspects of their operations including the requirement for, and usage of, office space and remote work.

Many businesses are considering downsizing – here are some things to consider and advice on downsizing your premises and the beneficial use of business storage in achieving that:

The Covid-19 impact

Many office staff are now firmly established in home working – Covid-19 forced companies to cater for this function and now there is serious consideration as to the necessity to return all office staff to formal company premises. The pandemic has made many businesses rethink the role of office premises and the overheads it brings against the benefits and savings of home working.

Downsizing and remote work

Whilst many have adapted to home working comfortably and now even prefer that arrangement, it does not suit everybody and every role. Many office-based jobs require face-to-face interaction making having an office base essential but may not justify a full-time office presence with the associated costs and overheads – a hybrid working space may be the answer but even that solution may lead to a corporate decision to downsize their premises, and this is where business storage can be of benefit.

Companies use business storage for many reasons – stock storage, housing vehicles or machinery, or as archive space for essential documentation. In the retail sector alone, if you consider the impact that lockdowns have had, long term storage units are ideal to downsize and cut costs as opposed to expensive large warehouse or retail space currently used. With regards to office-based businesses, reconfiguring the office space may help but it likely that, in the new order, you will have excess, unnecessary space that costs you money – business storage can solve that problem.

Things to consider

There are some key considerations when reviewing your office strategy – you may be nearing a lease-break or end, or a possibility to sub-let part of your office space and can your landlord possibly offer you a smaller space than you currently occupy and pay for?

If staff are attending the office premises just for the odd meeting in the new regime, then you will need to reduce desk space but increase meeting or collaboration areas whilst still considering the on-going social distancing requirements.

Benefits of business storage

Whether you are downsizing or simply decluttering your office space, business storage can be a great vehicle. Long term storage units can provide safe, protected, professionally managed spaces to store tools, equipment, furniture, personal belongings, professional documents and stock before, during and following any downsizing exercise or business relocation.

Business storage in London is considerably cheaper than renting retail or warehouse space and these business storage units keep everything safe and in top condition for whenever you may require it next.

In summary

When considering the increased need for more remote work, the social distancing issues along with the financial implications, many businesses are reconsidering the size and type of premises they require going forward. In most cases this will lead to businesses seeking smaller, more flexible office space than previously sought – business storage units offer a great, flexible solution to the challenges ahead for office-based business.

Chelsea Self Storage

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