How To Shop Around For The Best Storage Unit Prices

One of the fastest growing business arenas is the self-storage industry – better, more modern storage units and improved security technology make these storage facilities attractive propositions for storing personal items of all kinds. As demand for these facilities rise, so do the costs involved – self-storage prices can vary greatly, so it is important to hone your search as accurately as possible. Here are some aspects to consider when sourcing the best storage unit prices and facilities:

Reasons For Self-Storage

Self-storage is becoming an increasingly popular option for many people, and with that increase in demand also comes inflated pricing! Increased online usage is one of the reasons for the upgrade in demand – more and more people now use the internet and other media platforms to source products and services and storage is no exception! To this end, many storage companies have developed websites to market their business and have become far more accessible to the general public than ever before – this online presence has led to greater ‘visibility’ and awareness of these storage services.

The rise in self-employment has also contributed to the self-storage benefits and options – with an increasing number of smaller business ‘start-ups’, many people are looking for storage space for products or stock and, in some cases, are even using self-storage units as an actual office and running their business directly from them!

Another increasingly popular use of self-storage units is to ease the process of moving home – especially “downsizing”. Self-storage units are ideal for storing furniture in between change of properties, or as somewhere safe to keep ‘excess’ furniture and items having moved to a smaller property.

Ongoing Price Deals

What you pay for your self-storage facility can depend on how long you will need the storage – it is often the case that you think you will need it for a few weeks, but that situation can change and overrun. This is where you can possibly ‘overpay’ for your storage unit – many companies will advertise “introductory offers” with seemingly good rates for one or more months – if, however, you overrun that initial storage period, as most people do, then extension rates can be high and negate any savings you think you may have made from the initial deal. Instead, look for reasonable ongoing rates, beyond any initial two or three months introductory periods – consider you may need the storage unit for double your initial thoughts and look for the best rate for that revised period.

Free Collection

Depending upon your situation you may need to hire transport of your items to and from your rented storage unit – hiring a van and people to help you pack and move can prove a high added expense. Some storage companies will offer a free collection service to transport your goods to the storage facility – this can be a valuable service with regards to money, time, and effort, as well as the staff involved will be experienced in packing your items efficiently and, more importantly, safely!

The same staff will also be adept at unpacking at the storage facility itself, ensuring that you get the best and most efficient use of the storage space you have rented.

There are competitive and affordable options for quality storage unit facilities wherever you may be based, so it is always worth researching different options in your area. The city areas will, inevitably, appear more expensive, but even short-term storage in London can be affordable if you select the right company.

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