Essential guide for packing fragile items for self storage in Battersea

So, you are finally moving house. Or, perhaps, you are moving to a bigger office. And then you discover that you have way too much stuff than is realistically possible to move over quickly. This is where personal self storage or business storage in Battersea come in handy. You’ve done your research and found the best self storage prices. Great! But choosing the right self storage unit is only half the battle – now comes the dreaded packing, which is especially tricky where it comes to fragile items. It may be the dinner set passed down from your great-great-grandmother, or expensive equipment for your office. One thing is clear: fragile items require that little bit of extra care when packing.

Boxes are best

When it comes to fragile goods and items, no form of packaging beats a sturdy cardboard box. Boxes protect your things from the inevitable bumps along the road, and they keep everything steady and upright. For extra stability and protection, consider padding your boxes with duvets or pillows.

Keep organised

It is best to do all of your packing in one place. In an ideal world, we are all supremely tidy and no item is ever out of place. However, come moving time, it is amazing how that cable we could not locate for years was actually in the bathroom cupboard all along! So, try to designate a separate room, or at least part of a room, to packing. Consider labelling each box, so that fragile items can be grouped together. What you really do not want is your precious crockery rubbing shoulders with anything that has a sharp edge!

Take time to wrap

The power of bubble wrap cannot be overestimated when prepping your stuff for self storage – use generous amounts, and, for added safety, consider wrapping with the bubbles on the inside. Don’t neglect taping, either. Good quality tape is essential and will make all the difference for holding your bubble wrap tight around your items. Remember to layer your items, with the heaviest at the bottom. A full box is much steadier than a half-full one. You’re all set and ready to put your items into self storage in Battersea!

Chelsea Self Storage

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