How self storage can help landlords in Fulham

Landlords can benefit from using self storage in Fulham because it enables them to offer greater flexibility with their rental properties. One of the biggest challenges for landlords when letting a property is that some tenants want furniture while others don’t. Personal storage in Fulham is the solution and here we explore why.

The option of furnished or unfurnished properties for tennants

The first decision you have to make as a landlord is whether to furnish a property or let it as unfurnished, but doing so can cause you to lose out. Tenants will either look for a furnished or unfurnished property and so they will filter out your property unless it is offered as both. To offer it as both furnished and unfurnished, however, you need somewhere to store the furniture if it isn’t wanted. This is where storage containers come in, offering a space to store furniture that is not required by an unfurnished tenant.

Important storage for unwanted items

Another common aspect of property rental is that tenants will want to rent the property furnished but also be able to bring some of their own items in. They may have a TV, sofa and double bed that they want to use, but this means that you need to find somewhere to put your items. Self storage in Fulham gives you a safe and secure temporary location in which to keep such items that will allow you to offer the space as it is wanted and also keep your furniture for the next tenant.

Ensure you’re getting value for money solutions

Storage unit prices make this a very practical and affordable way in which to look after your goods while the property is let with or without furnishings. This flexible answer means that you will only pay for the unit when it is needed and will be able to adjust it to your needs depending on the number of properties and amount of storage you need too.

Self storage in Fulham can help landlords by offering them greater flexibility in letting out their properties. They allow you to store furniture or white goods only when they need to be stored so that they do not need to be discarded.

Chelsea Self Storage

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