Organise Your Life By Using Storage Solutions

Having a clean home and a structured family life can have a lasting, positive affect on your everyday life and family. A well-organized workplace environment also has positive effects on output and productivity. However, many of us allow unnecessary clutter to amass in these places. There are many benefits, both practical and mental, to having these everyday spaces properly ordered. An organized space can reduce stress, maintain better health and eating habits, and increase positive output in all walks of life. Here are some basic ideas for providing better organised spaces in our everyday lives:

Around The Home

There are many little, simple things you can do in your home to save space and be better organized in your everyday life – here are some examples:

  • Allocate a purpose to every drawer 

    empty out all the drawers and set about repacking them in a more orderly fashion. Ensure that every drawer holds specific, relevant, and related items (socks and underwear for example) – this way these items are easily identified and accessed when required. Use drawer dividers where necessary to properly compartmentalise your belongings.

  • Use spare space

    your house is bound to have some under utilised space or areas. For example, many people have space underneath their beds which can be used for storage. You may not want to simply put things on the floor in these underbed spaces, so use old dresser drawers or buy purpose built packing boxes to keep your items tidy and clean. You can even fold up your extra sets of bedding sheets and pillowcases and store them flat underneath the mattress you sleep on every night.

  • Make use of local storage unit facilities in your area

    storage containers are a great and affordable solution for housing items that you perhaps do not use or require daily. Most of us will have, for example, Christmas decorations, maybe a tree as well, that we, obviously don’t use for eleven months of the year. Instead of these items taking up valuable space in the home for all this time, why not rent a storage unit and keep them there? Storage units will keep your items safe, secure, clean, and dry and easily accessible for when December arrives to use then again. Storage containers are ideal also for any other ‘seasonal’ items that currently occupy space in your home. Perhaps bulky sports equipment like golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and such. Also, consider gardening equipment that you won’t be using during the winter months. These units can be great storage solutions for your overcrowded space around the home.

Around The Workplace

Many of us face similar space issues in our workplace. Areas that are busy and in constant use. Industrial studies show that cluttered and unorganised work conditions and spaces adversely affect productivity and accuracy. These situations affect not only the professional output, but also the personal wellbeing of staff. Cluttered workspaces make for a more difficult work environment, lead to greater stress on the workforce involved and can divert attention away from the job in hand. Ensure that everything has a definitive and identified place within the workplace. Keep surfaces as clear as possible and ensure that a work item is always returned to it’s designated place after use.

Simple Storage Solutions

You can alleviate many of these space problems by renting storage container units to keep these items. Renting storage space does not have to be expensive, and the cheapest storage in London is not difficult to find. These storage container facilities will provide a clean, secure, and dry environment to store just about any item, be it furniture, household goods, personal collections, or clothing. Speak to your local storage facility provider to find the best deal for either short or long-term rental.

Choose Chelsea Self Storage

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