How To Stress Less When Moving House

Modern life can be busy and stressful, and one of the most stressful events you will undergo is moving house! It is said to be one of the five most stressful events in a lifetime along with bereavement, job loss, divorce, and major illness. So anything that can make the process easier is worth considering. Here are some guidelines and aspects you might not have considered – such as renting short term storage – that will help ease the process and reduce the stress levels of moving house:

Plan Plan Plan

Planning is essential to a successful house move. Create a checklist of what needs to be done in the weeks leading up to your confirmed moving date. The checklist will help you plan and organise your house move in the most efficient way, whilst ensuring no aspect is overlooked. Matter such as redirecting mail, informing essential services and people of your move and new address. Create a rough list all the items or rooms you need to pack up and calculate how many packing boxes or cases you will require.

A Variety Of Packing Items

Having identified how many, and the type of, boxes you will need for your house move then gather together all your packaging materials – boxes, tape, labels, scissors and any other packing essentials. Packing boxes of all types, solid plastic, or cardboard for example, are readily available in stores, but a reputable removals company may also be able to provide you with the necessary items too. There are also many environmentally friendly packaging materials available if that is a concern to yourself.

Take Your Time

Moving house is, as we said, a stressful experience and can be energy draining. Depending on your timescales for the move, try to build in rest days, or at least some evenings, from the physical and mental effort of packaging away your household belongings. Occupy yourself with a fun or enjoyable activity to distract you from the ongoing task of packing.

Consider Storage Options

There are many personal storage options available to you, depending on the nature of the items you wish to store. There will inevitably be some items that will not fit, nor suit, your new home, but that you don’t necessarily want to part with at this stage. Don’t make the mistake of throwing them away simply because they don’t fit your immediate plan, as you may regret it later! Self-storage units can be rented for any period, short or long term, so items can be stored for weeks or months whilst you decide exactly what you will want to include in your new home. Renting personal storage and moving your items into it a week or so before your actual move date will ease the stress of the official moving day. Leaving them in storage will also help you move into your new premises in a more orderly and organised fashion.

Favourite Essential Items

When moving day arrives it is important to have ‘siphoned off’ some essential items. Those things you will need immediately but don’t want to necessarily sift through all your packed boxes to access. Favourite clothes for all family members for the first few days, certain toys the younger children can’t do without, crockery, utensils and, of course, essential food and drink items such as tea, coffee, milk, and such will all need to be close to hand – along with, of course, the kettle! Pack these items separately into suitcases or boxes and keep them away from the rest of the removal packing.

Allow For A Period Rest

After the move allow yourself to relax and be lazy for a couple of days – once the essential aspects of each room are unpacked and arranged, the rest can be done more casually. Again, leaving some packed boxes in personal self-storage will allow you to unpack more gradually and not clutter the new house.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Moving house can be hectic and, no matter how well you plan, some things will be out of your control and remit. Things can go wrong – unexpected delays on moving day, items going missing, so consider a ‘back-up’ plan for unexpected eventualities. A good rule of thumb is to hope for the best, smooth move but have some ideas for if things do go awry – that way expectations will more likely be satisfactorily met and you’ll feel on top of it if something does go wrong.

Making use of personal self-storage will help reduce the worry and stress of this major event. There are many options for self-storage in central London, so speak to an established and reputable self-storage company for the best advice and guidance.

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