Make Moving In Together Simple

Making the big step in your relationship to live together is not always easy nor straightforward. First you need to decide where you will live – is it in one of your current living places or are you getting an entirely different home? Whatever the arrangement, the chosen place will need to accommodate the belongings of both you and your partner – and sometimes space can be at a premium! Here are some suggestions as how to maximise your space options and make that important move easier:

Items No Longer Needed

Moving in together provides the perfect opportunity to actually do that ‘rationalisation’ of your belongings that you’ve been threatening to do for months or longer – sift through all your items of books, magazines, clothes, electrical equipment no longer used etc. Dispose of all the unwanted items – you’ll be amazed how much there is – by donating stuff to charity, perhaps selling some items online or simply give or throw them away!


During your sorting you will inevitably come across some items that you don’t want to dispose of, but simply won’t fit into your ‘new living arrangement’ – you may want to keep them for potential future use or for sentimental reasons. Consider renting a self-storage unit to house these items – they can be safely stored in clean, dry, and secure conditions for however long you require. Both long and short-term storage can be rented for very reasonable prices – even household storage in London is affordable and you can store these important items in the knowledge that they are safe and well looked after.


It may not be that to create the necessary space for your partner’s items you need to dispose of some of your own – it may be that a simple reorganisation of your belongings will provide more effective storage options that can accommodate both partners’ items!

Smart Storage

Perhaps buying sensible storage units and/or boxes will allow you to better sort, organise and store items in your home – stackable boxes, vacuum packed bags, and utilising currently ‘dead ‘storage space (perhaps under beds?) around your property will create new storage options. You could perhaps utilise wall space for storage by building shelving to accommodate books or houseplants and such – there may be many opportunities to create extra storage space around your home. 

Lose Duplicate Items

If one or both partners are leaving their current accommodation, it is almost inevitable that there will be duplicate items – perhaps you currently both have separate televisions, and you will only require one in the new arrangement? This may be the case for lots of electrical items – two kettles, toasters, coffee makers, sets of crockery, cutlery and so on. There may be some large duplicate items – beds and couches, perhaps tables and chairs – discuss between yourselves which of each other’s items will best suit the new accommodation and either rent a self-storage unit to house the duplicate items or dispose of them as you see fit.

Any or all these suggestions can contribute to creating the necessary space in your newly shared living arrangements and make life more comfortable and easier as you set-up home together. Renting self storage in London can be of use to both partners – items that you both want to retain, but not necessarily store, in your new joint accommodation can be kept safe and secure in a rented self-storage unit.

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