Keeping Antiques Preserved In Self Storage

People use self-storage units for a variety of reasons – and keep a variety of items in them! Even items such as antique furniture can be safely and securely stored in a self-storage unit – people may own such pieces as an investment, or simply as pieces of furniture that no longer fit with their overall home design but they don’t want to dispose of – self-storage units offer the ideal solution to their safe storage dilemma. Here are some things to consider when sourcing a self-storage facility:

Prepare Properly

Whatever items you wish to put into self-storage, you should always prepare them correctly to preserve their condition whilst stored – this is especially important for items of value and of considerable age! If you are intending to store antique furniture items you should check them to ensure that they are properly clean before storage – old food crumbs will rot and potentially cause damage over time whilst “squatting” insect life can also cause damage if left unattended. Use a soft cloth in a mixture of warm water and washing-up liquid to wipe down any hard surfaces, ensuring you delve into all creases and crevices. If your items are upholstered then it is best to have the items professionally cleaned. Carefully note any damage or holes in which infestation could occur.

A lot of vintage furniture is made from hardwood which can, if left unconditioned, dry out and crack – source an appropriate product for your items (beeswax etc) and treat the furniture accordingly. Leather items need to be treated also, perhaps with beeswax or a specific oil-type, and ensure any metal components are fully dry after wiping.


Choose an appropriate self-storage facility to house your valuable items – self-storage prices do not have to be prohibitive and offer ideal conditions to keep your delicate and important possessions. A storage unit in London will offer you great security – if attempting to keep these items in an outhouse at your home or in a garage, then there is a very real risk of theft. A self-storage unit will provide 24-hours, 7-days-a-week CCTV facility, some with full-time security staff and personal access only to your storage unit and belongings. These units are usually fitted with both security and fire alarm systems offering even greater protection for your valuables.

Items such as antique furniture are susceptible to the elements and temperature change over time – again, keeping these items in a garage or shed will expose them to these elements and potential damage. A self-storage unit provides a controlled environment that will keep your goods at an even temperature in a dry and clean space.

It is wise to insure your antique furniture regardless of where you intend to store it – fire, theft and flood may be dangers if stored at home, so check that your home insurance specifically covers these items. Self-storage units will advise on, and offer insurance for, any items stored on their facility – take photographs and obtain up-to-date valuations of each of your items before committing them to storage.    


If you are moving antique furniture any distance then ensure that it is properly packaged and wrapped – you don’t want to incur any damage during transportation to your self-storage unit. Remember, whilst products such as bubble wrap or plastic wrapping are ideal for vases, crockery and other individual items, they are NOT suitable for furniture – these products will allow moisture to build-up and potentially harmful mould to develop. Instead, use fabrics for wrapping the furniture – perhaps old curtains or bedding items could be ideal!


When storing your furniture in your self-storage unit, take care over the positions you place them – furniture should be stored as they are designed to stand, but try to place the legs off the ground by placing them on bricks to elevate them to allow air to pass freely and help avoid any rot. Items such as paintings and mirrors should be stored in an upright position.

If you consider that your antique furniture has, by definition, lasted over a long time, you should take care of how you continue to store and preserve it. Sourcing a storage unit near you is the ideal environment for your items – self-storage prices are very affordable – even self-storage prices in London are not prohibitive, especially when you consider the items you are trying to preserve! Speak with an established storage unit facility to obtain the best advice and deals.

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