Improving first impressions with self storage

As companies grow, so does their administration workload. Businesses diversify and new people and products are brought into the equation. All in all, expansion and diversification are seen as very positive signs of a business’ overall performance. Likewise, families grow – and so do their possessions.

Accommodating everything else that comes with growth is sometimes overlooked, though, and there are many businesses out there operating in what can only be described as mess and homes with not an inch of space left. Files, boxes and stock end up accumulating on floor spaces, desks become overloaded, wardrobes are full to bursting and the whole feng shui of the space is affected.

Aside from being an inconvenience and a perennial problem, mess affects the way people live and work. An environment that’s messy and cluttered provides far too many distractions for the mind to work effectively.

Think of clients, too. What must they be thinking when they see the state of your offices? Will they see the mess and clutter in the same way you do? Do they see expansion and diversification, or do they see disorganisation? What must your family and friends think and say after visiting?

With self storage there’s no need to move

There is a solution, though, and it doesn’t necessarily involve moving to a bigger house or bigger premises. Anyone can reorganise. Sort out what’s important and frequently used, and then separate out everything else that is there as a result of all your hard work in the past.

There’s no need to be mercenary in your approach because everything can be kept – it will just be stored in another location. You will have easy and frequent access to this safe, secure and environmentally controlled location, but it will be one that is never seen by your customers, clients or family or guests. This leaves you with a clean, tidy, organised space in your home or office that will impress anyone who visits.

Storage can increase productivity

Employees will find their workspace much more pleasant and your company’s productivity will almost certainly increase, too, thus covering the minimal cost of the tidy-up.

Self storage spaces are available all over the country and they take the sting out of finding the right place to keep all those important, yet awkward bits and pieces that have accumulated as a result of your own growth and success.

Chelsea Storage

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