How self storage can help with a house move

Moving home can be a stressful time, with lots to do and remember. Keeping personal belongings organised and safe during a move is a big worry for many, but you can eliminate these worries with the help of self storage. Here are four ways self storage can help with a house move.

Self storage allows you to priorities what you need

Before the move, having a clear out can be really helpful. You’ll be able to prioritise what you want and need, and consider what you could sell, give to charity or throw away. Having less clutter can make your house more organised which not only makes packing to move easier, but can also encourage potential buyers to see the house as its best.

Keep your packing organised with self storage

Storing items that you won’t need immediately can help you be more organised as you set up your new home. You’ll be able to gradually move items into your home, without the stress of clutter and disorganisation. Things that you might not need right away can include Christmas decorations, CD/DVD/Book Collection, photo albums and scrapbooks, gardening equipment and bikes.

Make your moving day easier

If you’re not moving everything in one day then the move will be less stressful. This could also mean that you incur smaller moving costs. Having less to move gives you more time to enjoy settling into your new home and taking care of any cleaning, repairs or decorating that you may want to take care of first.

Self storage keeps your possessions safe and free from damage

During a move, it’s not uncommon for things to get misplaced or even damaged. For important, valuable possessions, self storage is the best way to keep them safe and secure during the move. Self storage units feature extensive security systems and regulated conditions to prevent mould and damp.

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