How To Find The Right Storage Unit For Your Needs

When choosing a self-storage facility to house your items, whether short or long term, there are many different aspects to consider – your items are valuable to you, whether that be monetarily or emotionally, so choosing the best storage facility to keep them safe and in best condition is important. Here are some aspects of self-storage that you should consider before selecting a storage facility:


As with most businesses and services, the best way to select the best options is through one of two routes – repeat business or referral. If you have used a self-storage unit facility before, and liked the service, then that is your obvious first option – if you have never used a facility before, then try to speak with someone who has and get their feedback on the facility in question. Family or friends who have made use of self-storage previously may have suggestions for the best value storage services in the area and be able to inform as to the facilities on offer at different self-storage units.


Establish what facilities or features you want or need from your self-storage unit – will your items need to be in a controlled environment with regards to climate, temperature, and such, what sized unit you will require, what access the facility offers you to your stored items, and how far from you is the storage facility?

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Decide which items you want to store and choose your storage unit based on the type of item and amount of space you will require. Ensure you rent a space large enough to comfortably store your items without a risk of them being damaged or compromised whilst in storage. If you have valuable or ‘delicate’ items, then consider the security and climate aspects of the storage facility.


A major factor in securing any service is, of course, cost – many storage facilities give more favourable rates the longer the rental time required, and many will offer month-by-month options with no deposit, making your rental agreement more flexible. Self-storage prices can vary, so it is worth “shopping around” to establish the best value-for money storage option for your specific needs.


How a storage unit is presented and maintained is important – you will want a unit that is clean, dry, secure, and well-lit. Your storage unit should be water-tight and, where necessary and possible, climate-controlled to avoid moisture build-up and damp. Easy access to your stored goods is important, so always choose a unit in which the layout and space allows you such.


Security is an important consideration when choosing a storage unit – select a facility that offers individual locks and personal codes to allow only authorised access to your unit. Many self-storage facilities will have 24-hour security and state-of-the-art camera and surveillance equipment in place to offer the best protection for your valuable items.


It is always worth checking if the storage facility itself offers insurance on your stored items or whether you need to arrange that yourself on a personal basis. Regardless of the security offered at the facility, it is advisable to arrange insurance of some kind for your stored goods.

Self-storage prices will vary from region to region and facility to facility – if you are seeking a storage unit in London then do your research beforehand with regards to facilities and deals offered. You can obtain reasonable self-storage prices in London if you look around.

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