4 reasons a minimalist house will sell faster

Spring is in the air – and so is this year’s home-buying season! For us, it means that personal self storage in London will be the sought-after service for those looking to sell their home fast. What has selling a home and personal self storage got in common, I hear you say? Well, we’ll give you the low-down on how to use self storage to your advantage to help you sell fast and reap the rewards. 

When it comes to selling your home, it is common practice to tidy tired rooms and spruce up saggy decor to give potential buyers a great first impression of your home. Those in the trade call it ‘staging your home’ – we like to call it ‘making use of personal self storage’. Let’s explain. 

It makes sense to store away your clutter when putting your home on the market. Continuing to live in your home for a prolonged period while it is on the market, however, is a potential problem, because those cleared spaces soon become cluttered again, leading to frustrated and frantic cleaning sessions on viewing days. This is where household storage in London can become your secret weapon. Just self-store your unwanted and unnecessary belongings with us while your home is on the market, and free yourself from the burden of constant clearing up and frustration during a notoriously stressful process. 

Now that you’ve decided self-storage is the way to go, here are some tips on home selling that will guide you on what you might want to keep and what you want to store. 

1. Neutral scheme for their own touch of colour 

Go for neutral colours when showing your home on the market. By presenting rooms and spaces with neutrals, potential buyers are better able to envisage their own style in those spaces without distraction from your own intense decor. Perhaps self-storing your more colourful furniture and decorative items might present a more paired back theme for a more neutral colour scheme? And while you’re at it, how about a fresh coat of lighter-coloured paint on those walls too? 

2. Natural light is a must 

Light is so important when presenting your home to potential buyers. Firstly, how clean are your windows? The more natural light you can let in, the bigger and brighter your rooms can appear, especially small rooms like bathrooms. Do you have any curtains or blinds that need a clean, or could even be stored away while your home is on show? Clear those window sills of the trinkets you’ve collected over the years and get those spaces clear and clean for well-presented and lighter spaces. All those bits can be safely stored in your own self storage unit, ready for you to collect when it comes time for your own moving-in day. 

3. Declutter your spaces 

Essentials only – that’s the rule! Clear away to personal self storage anything that you don’t use or won’t use while you’re marketing your home. Personal items, if they are needed, are not to be on show. It’s not just the small things that matter, but any larger items of furniture you won’t miss for a time can be self-stored so that prospective buyers can better assess the possibilities of their own furniture in your rooms and nooks.  

Presenting a clean house will also come across as a much-loved and well looked after home, suggesting to viewers that the house is a good investment.  

4. Invite your guests in  

Viewers have expectations when they enter your home. Presenting them with spaces that encourage enjoyment, lingering and the expectation of good times can lead to a quick sale. Decide on storing away items that don’t add to the theme you want to present. Choose key pieces of furniture, talking points or decorative items that add texture or statements to your spaces. Does your property have doorstep appeal? Consider self-storing any garden equipment and tools that could clutter the outside front and back, and while your house is on show, consider a gardener if you don’t already have one. 

Presenting your home in these ways helps to highlight the house’s best features and helps buyers to imagine themselves making it their home and what comforts they might want to bring into the available spaces. By staging your home and considering specific colours, storing away personal items or presenting only key furniture items, self-storage can be a very useful tool to help sell your home. 

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