Seasonal event and exhibition storage in London

A lot of businesses attend conferences, business fairs and exhibition events as part and parcel of their marketing strategy. Whilst these events can prove highly effective in the promotion of your business, they can also involve a lot of preparation and planning, as well as the actual physical aspects of attending them!

Hosting a display at these events can involve a lot of work and individual items – ordinarily, you’ll have display stands, banners, tables, chairs, your marketing literature (brochures, flyers, business cards etc.) – possibly sound equipment, screens and other such items. That’s a lot of equipment to be moving around regularly – and can take up a lot of storage space in between uses! Your daily workplace is not always the ideal place to keep such equipment – even if you have the space!

If your business attends a number of events regularly, then investing in exhibition storage may be the answer – here are some reasons to consider a small business self-storage unit for your event storage solution:

Avoid damage to equipment with secure event storage

Keeping all that exhibition equipment, and associated paraphernalia, in your office can often lead to it being mislaid or damaged, as you constantly have to move, or work round it, to access the things you need daily in your workplace. Your everyday workplace is not an ideal place to store such items – not only are they difficult to keep intact, but they can be a hindrance to the essential daily tasks in work.

A small business self-storage unit can alleviate that problem. These units are clean, dry and have twenty-four hour security – as well as private, personal access for yourself, allowing you collect or drop off your exhibition items at any time of day.

Leave large exhibition items permanently assembled

If you have a storage space dedicated to keeping your exhibition and event items, then it will always be an easier task to prepare for any event – even at short notice!

Some exhibition items may be quite substantial in size and, therefore, need assembling and disassembling every time you use them – a dedicated storage space may allow you to leave the display permanently assembled and remove that onerous, on-site task every event. Alternatively, if displays need to be disassembled at the end of an event, having somewhere to store both the larger parts, along with the smaller associated assembly items, together, ensures that nothing goes missing and the task of preparing for the event is made much easier.    

Dedicated event storage is conveniently located

If your business attends these events regularly throughout the year, then long term self-storage may be worth considering. A lot of your exhibition equipment may be valuable and it will be safer in a dedicated exhibition storage space than in a general area around your workplace.

Most small business self-storage facilities have flexible, affordable terms and costs and offer units of all sizes. 

Chelsea Self Storage

Chelsea Self Storage we have 30 years experience in providing the ideal storage solutions for businesses. We understand the optimal storage methods for archived documents and records and can help you calculate the right size of unit you’ll need to maximise your budget. With some of the lowest competitive rates in the capital, we’re convinced that we can offer a file management solution that’s just right for your business.

We are conveniently located near Kensington, a short walk from the Kings Road in Fulham, and have satisfied clients right across London who can testify to our capability and customer service.

If you need to reclaim valuable office storage space then contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you archive your records safely and securely.