Everything you ever wanted to know about storage units

In our previous articles we’ve covered a range of topics around the general theme of storage, including personal and business storage as well as moving home, refurbishments and relocations.  So far so good!  And you might now be asking yourself – what do I actually need to know about the storage units themselves?  Aren’t they just there, doing the job they were designed to do?

Well, yes they are, and that’s quite an important point.  Once you trust someone to take care of your storage requirements you don’t really want to have to worry about how they do it … you just want them to do it.  (A little bit like when you have your car serviced).  That said, if you are interested in possibly the single most important component in the whole process, then you’re in the right place!

Go on then, tell me what questions I need to ask …

  • Size.  How big is it?  How much can I store?  How many containers do I need?  If more than one, do they stack?
  • Ease of access.  How easy is it to store and also retrieve my items once they are in the container(s)?
  • Location.   Where is it?  How quickly can I reach it if I want to?
  • Security.  How secure is the container (not simply against theft, but against the weather, damp, temperature extremes, fire etc.)?  And, not to be ignored, how secure is the building within which the storage unit will be stored?
  • Insulation.  Is it insulated?  Does it need to be?   How would I know?
  • Construction.  If it’s safe and secure and accessible, do I really need to know?
  • Value for money.  We thought that we ought to add this one!  What does it cost?  Will I end up paying for storage space, or time, that I don’t need?  How flexible is the pricing structure?
  • Customer Service.  What help will I receive?  How quickly and effectively will my questions be answered and my requirements be met?
  • Track record.  Are there reference customers – past and current – that I can talk to?

So what are the answers then?

Well, that very much depends on who you’re asking!

As we implied right at the start, to a large degree you shouldn’t have to know the answers to some of these questions.  For example, if your storage unit is secure, and you’re satisfied that it’s secure, is it important to know the technical specification that provides that security?  You will, however, want to know the answers to many of the other questions (and perhaps some of your own).  And this is where we come in.

We at Chelsea Storage have a consistent track record of delivering excellent service to our customers, and can give you sensible and pragmatic answers to all of the questions above.  We are experts at storage solutions of all kinds.

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