Location, location, location …

In all of our previous articles we’ve covered various aspects of personal and business storage, including self-storage, moving home, refurbishments and relocations, along with a host of ideas and things to think about.  We’ve even taken a look at the storage containers themselves.

Although we’ve touched on it – as one of the factors to consider – we’ve never gone into much detail on the importance of location … i.e. finding “self storage near me”.  So this month we thought we’d rectify that.

So how important is it?

Self storage near me …

At the fundamental level it boils down to one simple word, convenience.

Whatever your reasons for looking for storage, as we’ve seen in earlier articles it can be quite a stressful time.  So what you want above all else is for that stress to be minimised as far as possible – if not removed altogether.

And part of minimising the stress is knowing that your possessions aren’t too far away:

  • first of all there’s getting them there in the first place.  You don’t want long, painful journeys, with lots of hideous traffic, just to deliver your items to their temporary home
  • secondly there’s that “Oh dear I’ve put something in storage that I shouldn’t have!” horrible moment.  Again, you don’t want to have to travel for miles to retrieve it!
  • and building on that point, increasingly people are using storage  facilities as remote stock locations to run small businesses or EBay “shops” or simply very short-term additional space for any number of reasons.  In these instances it’s of paramount importance that your items are close by
  • finally, come the day when you want to retrieve your items, once again you don’t want a long journey – especially if you’ve got to go more than once!

Other things to think about …

Well, apart from the location it’s clearly important that you trust the people charged with taking care of your storage requirements.  You want them to have an excellent, proven, and long-standing successful track record of satisfied customers.

You also want to make sure that the terms and conditions of your storage are sufficiently flexible to allow you to access your items as and when you need them without incurring unwanted charges.

And talking of access, you’ll need to make sure that your items are stored in such a way that they are in fact accessible, and not buried behind numerous other containers and therefore nigh on impossible to get to1

So where are we?

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