The Joys Of Refurbishing And Relocating

We could start this article with a definition of “joy” and an attempt to explain just how “joyful” refurbishing and relocating is – but that would be inauthentic and, well, just plain wrong.  The truth is that the process is very rarely joyful – indeed very rarely anything even approaching joyful – which does of course make it extremely satisfying when it’s all over …

… a little bit like running a marathon for those of you that have done it.  Sure, there are a few nice moments along the way, but for the vast majority of us the only moment worth remembering is crossing the finishing line!  So, without stretching the analogy too far, the moment when the refurbishment or relocation is complete is like crossing that finishing line.  At last you can get your hands on your stuff again.  At last you can get things back in order.  At last you can get properly organised in your new environment or surroundings.

This begs the question – is there anything at all that can be done “along the way” to make it more pleasurable?

Well, is there?

Thankfully the answer is “yes”.  There are a few things actually, not least the actual “moving” part of it (if it’s a relocation), which we covered in our previous article (from the domestic perspective, but the same principles apply).

Probably the biggest help you can get, though, if it’s a relocation or a refurbishment which is scheduled to take time (and as we all know they often take longer than scheduled!) is storage.

If you need to put anything into storage, for any length of time, you’ll want to be reassured that your things will be safe and readily accessible, and that you’re not paying for containers or space that you don’t need.  So let’s remind ourselves of the 7 “must haves” of business storage in the form of a checklist.

The 7 “must haves” of business storage – checklist

This checklist covers what we believe to be the most important factors to consider when you’re thinking about your business storage.

  • Location.  Clearly this is important, particularly if you need regular or frequent access to the items.  You don’t really want to be travelling long distances.
  • Security.  All aspects need to be covered – anti-theft, clean, dry, fire-proof etc.
  • Flexibility.  You may not always know how long you want your items stored for: days, weeks, months, or longer.  And if timescales slip (or, stranger things have happened, are brought forward),  you don’t want to be tied into an inflexible agreement.
  • Access.  You may be leaving your items untouched for a while.  You may, on the other hand, want to access them from time to time.  Or you may not think you’ll need to access them, and then remember that you stored something that you need …
  • Service.  As we said last time, this needs to be a given: you expect and should receive prompt, efficient, helpful and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Track record.  A contented customer base that you can check in with as references before you make your decision.
  • Price.  You’ll want all the above, but you won’t want a pricing structure that outweighs the benefits.

What happens if I tick all the boxes?

That means that you’re a discerning customer and that you know what you want … and it also means that you’ve found the right place :

We at Chelsea Storage are conveniently located a short walk from the Kings Road in Chelsea, and have satisfied clients across London who can testify to our capability and customer service, and how we’ve ticked all the boxes for them.

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