Checklist for efficient self storage  

Last time we told you the old story of filling up a jar with stones, the message being – it’s never quite full or, to put it another way, there’s more than one way to try and fill it!

This led us into a discussion on how best to organise your self storage for maximum efficiency and minimum disruption and hassle.

We thought that this time we would translate that discussion into a short checklist for you, which will hopefully prove very useful – and take some of the stress out of it!

Here goes:

Plan in advance.

Long before the big day arrives, plan when, what and how you’re going to pack.  Don’t pack things away that you’re going to need, and don’t pack things you’re likely to want to retrieve first at the bottom!  Perhaps make lists, and organise the stuff by room and by how quickly you’ll want to retrieve it.  Buy some boxes, bubble wrap, a marker pen, get some help, and instead of getting stressed think of it as an opportunity to freshen up and de-clutter …


That’s right.  All that stuff you’ve had for years – “it might be useful one day” or “I’m not sure what it is, so I better not throw it away”.  Do you really need it any more?  How good would you feel if you gave it say to charity?  Be careful that you don’t throw away any old Picassos though (that might have been lying around in the loft) that a great great aunt perhaps picked up in a bar in Spain in the 1940’s …

Take care.

This is where the bubble wrap – and planning ahead – comes in.  If you must store some of your breakables, wrap them very carefully – and this is one of the times you can be over-the-top – and make sure they’re all towards the top of the boxes i.e. nothing’s on top of them.  Maybe even have special “BREAKABLE – HANDLE WITH EXTRENME CARE” boxes and label them with a big red pen!

Label everything.

You don’t think that you will … but you will forget.  So label everything up.

Pack in sequence.

We’ve mentioned this, but rather than just maximising the use of space maximise the use of what you’ll want first when you finally unpack i.e. put things at the bottom that you won’t need in a hurry.  Kettles, cups, and spoons – we often find – should be towards the top!

Have some fun.

Why not leave little notes to yourself, or surprises, or photos, at random places in the boxes?  Anything to make unpacking a pleasant and fun experience!

Choose the right supplier.

It’s all very well doing all of the above, but if you choose the wrong personal storage supplier much of your hard work will be undermined.  So think carefully about location, customer service, flexible contract terms, value for money, helpfulness … and the X Factor that the very best suppliers always have!

The perfect supplier

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