The benefits of business storage

Previously we’ve looked at what you should consider when selecting a business storage supplier, and also why you should consider it as a viable and cost-effective business solution.

Let’s first remind ourselves of the 7 “must haves”:

  1. Location – Clearly this is important, particularly if you need regular or frequent access to the items; but even if you don’t, it will be very inconvenient if you have to make long journeys in traffic to deposit and retrieve your items
  2. Security – You need to take it for granted – and be absolutely confident – that your items are 100% secure.  And we don’t just mean from theft – the environment must be clean, dry, adequately protected from fire and flooding, and rigidly separated from other people’s items
  3. Flexibility – You may not always know how long you want your items stored for – days, weeks, months, or longer – or you may not want a fixed term at all.  The T&C’s should allow for maximum flexibility
  4. Access – You may be leaving your items untouched for a while.  You may, however, want to access them regularly (for example if you are selling them on eBay or simply “out-sourcing space”).  Or you may have stored something accidentally.  Either way you need your business storage solution to give you access whenever you need it
  5. Service – Well, this should always be a given shouldn’t it?  (But sadly it often isn’t!)  We’d go further than (although we’d include) characteristics like prompt, efficient, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.  We’d also go further than a desire to “go the extra mile” to make the customer happy.  We’d go as far as to say a mandate to delight the customer …
  6. Track record – The best guide to future success is past success!  You need the reassurance that your supplier of business storage has an outstanding track record of success and has a contented customer base that you can check in with as references
  7. Value for money – You’ll want all the above, but you won’t want a pricing structure that outweighs the benefits – and you’ll only want to pay for the storage space that you actually need

And what about those “Critical Non Essentials” or CNE’s?

There’s little dispute about the seven items above.  There are, however, some other factors well worth considering which, while not perhaps essential, could be perceived as critical.  Here are some of them:

  • is 24-hour monitoring available?
  • is BT redcare available?
  • what’s the minimum amount of space that you can utilise?
  • can you get storage cartons and tape?
  • can you get recommendations on local removal and transport companies?
  • can you benefit from discounts by pre-paying and/or committing to longer space rentals?

So what are the benefits?

We thought that was worth covering.  Now let’s look at the major benefits i.e. why we should do it.  There are numerous advantages, including:

  • cost-effectiveness.  As the cost of retail, office and warehouse space keeps rising – particularly in London – businesses are paying more for less space.  “Outsourcing” your space can be a highly effective solution to this problem
  • space-saving.  Allied to that point, you can utilise your valuable and expensive space more effectively and profitably (e.g. on your people or on retail sales space) rather than on simply storing things
  • security.  Off-site business storage is generally more secure than your everyday premises – providing protection not only from theft but from fire, smoke, flooding and other similar risks
  • control.  You have total control over who has access to your stored items, and can monitor who accesses them and when
  • confidentiality.  You may have sensitive documents (e.g. HR files) that you want to keep 100% unavailable to all but a few.  Off-site business storage is an excellent means of achieving this
  • archiving.  And building on that last point, the documents and records that you need to retain for years that are not necessarily sensitive simply take up space – why not store them away securely?  You can always access them if and when you need them

These are just some of the advantages of business storage – to explore whether it’s right for your needs and how effective it can be, why not contact us directly?

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