How to Pack Your Storage Unit


There’s an old story that goes something like this.  A teacher has a large jar and a collection of stones.  He starts putting the largest stones in, one by one, and asks his pupils to tell him when they think the jar is full.  When no more large stones will fit, they tell him it’s full.  At this point he starts putting some smaller stones in, which of course do fit into the gaps, and once again he asks his pupils to tell him when it’s full.  The cycle repeats itself, over and over again, the teacher using smaller and smaller stones each time.  Eventually the pupils realise that the jar can never be completely full using the stones that the teacher has.

Leaving aside the somewhat obscure moral of this story, it does serve to introduce an important topic when we think of either self storage or business storage, namely, how best to pack your storage units.

As we’ve seen in previous articles the right supplier will look after your items for you, but it’s important for you to pack them properly into the storage units  so that they won’t get damaged and are readily accessible when necessary.

Let’s take a look at how we might go about this, by following the 4 golden rules:

Wrap them up

It’s common sense, really, but do wrap up your breakables in either bubble wrap or industrial plastic wrap.  A little bit of effort on this up front can save some unfortunate events later on!


As your items go into the storage unit, much of which will be in boxes, you will of course know where everything is and what’s in each box.  Now roll on six months – will you remember?  Label and number every box, and keep your own list separately (i.e. on the outside) of what’s in every one of them.  You’ll be pleased you did!

Think about the stones

This isn’t just about cramming everything in, of course.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  It’s about planning where to put everything in the storage unit so that the breakables are safe, things you might need are more accessible (so pack last) than things you won’t (so pack first), and things are packed sensibly (for example, put the heaviest boxes underneath, and the lighter boxes on top of them). This planning might take a little bit of time, but it’s well worth it.

Don’t rush it!

Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast

(from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet)

You get the idea.  Whatever the reason for using the storage facility, be careful and take your time.  It will pay dividends later on …

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