Make your business relocation as smooth as possible

Relocating your business is never an easy undertaking – as well as the actual physical aspect, there are a number of other issues to consider. It is always wise to plan ahead as much, and as early, as you can in order to make the process more manageable. Here are a few aspects that you should take into account when considering such a move.

Create a detailed plan of the move to cater for the following:


Consider the cost of professional fees involved, such as commercial estate agents, legal fees, along with the actual moving/relocation services and potential storage costs.

Business Storage

Consider professional business storage services. Identify what items need to be taken from existing premises to the new site, and which of these need storage over the duration of the move. Identify costs for packing materials such as crates and boxes. It may be practical to consider storing big items of furniture, such as a meeting or boardroom table that you don’t necessarily use every day, but occupies valuable floor space that could be better utilised whilst packing other items preparing for the move.

Create an inventory

Write a detailed inventory of all the items, big and small, that are being transported from the old to new location. This will ensure that nothing important goes missing and will help in the process of unpacking and establishing the new premises.

Publish a timetable

Schedule all agreed dates for the move and keep it updated with any progress made. This will help inform staff of exactly what stage the move is at and help avoid any confusion.

Technology considerations

One of the more common problems with a physical move is the impact on the vital IT systems. If possible, schedule all movement of IT equipment, and its’ installation, prior to everybody else physically moving in to the new premises. This will allow time for any issues to have been identified, and dealt with, so that staff can effectively resume their roles from the outset. If not possible, then ensure that technical staff are readily available for the first few days of occupation in order that they may deal with any Wi-Fi or communication systems, or similar, problems.


Let your staff know of the impending move as soon as possible.  There are a number of issues they may need to consider, such as travel plans from their homes to the new location. Inform your clients/customers well in advance so that they are aware of your impending move and have the details of your new location and contact.

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