Advantages Of Personal Self Storage

People consider personal self-storage units for many reasons – from simple space saving and creation to helping accommodate a house move or change of circumstance for yourself and your family! Perhaps a child or other relative needing to move back into your home for a while, or simply you now have too much ‘stuff’ for your house to accommodate comfortably. A cluttered house can prove stressful, is more difficult to keep clean and manage and, quite simply doesn’t always provide the aesthetic appearance you might want for your home! Renting a personal self-storage unit is an affordable and convenient option to house your items, either short or long term. Here are some of the advantages of renting personal self-storage:


The most common reason for renting personal self-storage units is simply to create more space in your home! People accumulate all kinds of items over time and, inevitably, there comes a time when you realise that you have simply run out of space where you are, be it in the home or the workplace. Undertaking a decluttering exercise can create valuable room in your home and renting a personal storage unit provides a safe, secure alternative to house your valuable items.

Moving Home

If you are moving house, renting a personal container unit for a short period allows you to better manage the move – you can pack your belongings over a period of days or weeks and keep them secure in storage, instead of having to pack everything in a rush on the eve of your actual move – and, on the ‘flip side’ as such, it means you can unpack all your belongings over a time at your new home, allowing you to organise each room properly in exactly the way you want rather than having to unload a removal truck on moving day and ‘shovel’ all your belongings in the new home in one go! Gradually moving your items over a longer period to a storage unit makes the whole stressful moving experience easier and allows you to properly organise your new house space.


Self-storage units offer the ideal environment for your important items. Personal self-storage units are dry, clean, and secure – many of these facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance, modern alarm systems and security staff. They provide ideal protection whilst also allowing you access to your items whenever you require. Self-storage units are a great alternative to perhaps keeping valuable items in your garage or shed at home.

Flexible Options

The flexibility offered with personal self-storage units being available in many sizes and formats, and different rental periods, make them ideal solutions for any space issues at home or in the workplace. You may need just a small unit to store some household items for a short period whilst you are redecorating your house – redecorating your home is a lot easier if you remove all the items in a room first and you also avoid damaging your things during the remodelling if they are safely stored away in a self-storage unit. Alternatively, you may want a longer-term storage solution simply to retain things you don’t want to dispose of but are struggling with space at home to keep!

Business Storage

With the growth in home working, a personal self-storage unit is a great solution to create space in your home for an office, or even to keep stock and goods for any business you may have started. The range of different-sized storage units allows you to choose the best size and volume option for the ideal amount of time you need!


Self-storage facilities often offer 24-hour access to your unit providing both the security and flexibility of access to your items that you need. This permanent access offers the freedom to access your unit as and when is convenient for yourself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Cost Effective 

Financial costs are always a consideration – personal self-storage units need not be expensive to rent. With the array of unit size and available rental periods, you only ever need pay for the space you need for the time you want. Renting business warehousing units can often require a minimum rental period with space that you don’t really require, creating expensive and unnecessary overheads!

Consider renting a personal self-storage unit if you are moving home, simply decluttering your current space, working from home, or simply need emergency storage for a short period – it can often be the ideal solution to any of your storage problems and space restrictions!