The Do’s And Don’ts Of Business Storage

For many small businesses storage space can often be a problem, especially when trying to expand the business and customer base. Renting a business storage unit can be the ideal solution – they can provide ample storage to create a physical separation between your work and your home life, whilst making your daily business more professional and manageable than trying to work from your home office or garage. Here is some information as to what you can and cannot do from a business perspective with a storage unit, and some suggestions as to how they can help small business owners and entrepreneurs:

Working From A Storage Unit

Many people consider self-storage units to be just for that – storing goods or items! There are certain businesses that you can run directly from a business storage unit, but there are also certain restrictions in using them as business premises in themselves. Using a storage unit as a workshop, or as an official office, is not normally allowed for a few reasons – many storage units, although being safe, secure, dry – and often climate-controlled – spaces, don’t meet minimum legal requirements with regards to Health and Safety for standard work environments. The afore-mentioned storage unit environmental conditions make them ideal for keeping official work documentation, and items such as furniture and household goods, but do not provide ideal, comfortable conditions for occupying a full working day at a desk or otherwise! Any business venture you start, or manage, from your storage unit must be cleared and approved from the storage unit management – tasks such as operating machinery or power tools may be in violation of the terms and conditions of your lease.

Do’s And Don’ts

Unless you are renting an authorised commercial storage unit, office or retail space, you are not allowed to work or conduct business activities, or use the space for occupancy of any kind, outside of ordinary storage. Business storage units will need specific authority before you can operate machinery, or other power equipment, or for meeting and conducting sales, implementing electronic equipment such as telephones or computers, or installing any additional wiring or power outlets.

Businesses You Can Operate

The restrictions mentioned does not mean that you cannot use your storage unit for business purposes though – traditional storage units can still be used to help and support businesses through other methods! If, for example, your business involves publishing or printing, then a storage unit is ideal for keeping stocks of books, magazines, leaflets, brochures, catalogues and all manner of physically printed stock and inventory. If you run a landscaping or similar contracting business which involves the regular use of large or bulky machinery – lawnmowers, hedge cutters, saws, drills, and other tools – then a business storage unit provides the perfect solution for keeping these items safe, secure and in great condition.

If you run an online retail business, then business storage provides the perfect environment for keeping stock and the same applies to businesses such as home repair and renovation, or cleaning services where all the necessary parts, tools and equipment can be safely stored all in one location.

Cost Effective 

Renting a storage unit for business purposes can be a versatile option for improving a business – it is certainly a more affordable option than acquiring a specialised commercial storage warehouse or space and can prove to be a valuable business investment. Another consideration is that the cost of renting business storage can sometimes be mitigated against your tax allowances as a standard business expense, further reducing the real cost of the rental overhead.

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