Items You Can’t Keep In A Self Storage Unit

You can access many articles informing you of the generous benefits and advantages of renting self-storage units and the versatility of the items that can be stored safely and securely in the modern state-of-the-art storage facilities. Whilst self-storage units are ideal for keeping household items, furniture, collectibles, sports equipment, camping paraphernalia and even tools, there is, however, a list of items that even the most up-to-date, climate controlled, and securely monitored storage facilities cannot accommodate. Here is a brief guide to some of the items that are not suitable for self-storage for either practical – or legal reasons:


Many chemicals are dangerous, toxic, and obvious fire hazards – even if these substances are “stored correctly”, you cannot lock them away in a rented self-storage unit. If anything were to happen an explosion or fire occur, it is not just your own other stored items at risk – the possessions of everybody else’s storage units are also in danger of damage or destruction! They also present the potential threat of fumes escaping and the danger they can cause accumulating in a small, tight space, so chemicals such as fertilizers, ammonia, paint thinners, chlorine, and other bleaches are banned substances from self-storage facilities.

Perishable Foodstuffs

Many people find it economical to buy food stuffs in bulk and want to store it – not just for human consumption, but it is a practice used by many for purchasing pet food. Storage of perishable food prevents a few hazards – firstly, over time the food can rot and become noxious, and at any stage, food stored in bags or sacks will automatically attract the attention of rodents and insects. Consider that, if such creatures are attracted to your storage unit, they will naturally move on and infest adjoining units rented by other people too! Tinned foodstuffs should be safe enough to be stored away in your unit.

Certain Vehicles

Some storage facilities offer enough space to store large items, even large enough for vehicles to be stored. You cannot, however, store a vehicle that is not in ‘running order’ or functional – any car or vehicle that is not insured, registered or currently immobile – even if you intend to store the vehicle whilst you work on restoring it to being functional, it cannot be kept in these units!

Illegal Items 

You cannot store illegal items in a self-storage unit – for obvious reasons! It is illegal to store drugs, weapons of any kind (even those for which you may have licences or permits) and any associated items such as ammunitions, explosives, and such. Despite every gangster film and detective series on TV showing police regularly raiding private ‘lock-ups’, making it seem like an ‘everyday’ use of self-storage units – it is, of course, illegal for stolen goods of any kind to be stored in these facilities!

Other items 

There are one or two other items that it is not recommended to be kept in a self-storage unit, such as wet items and some flora and fauna – but apart from those items highlighted here, there are a plethora of possessions and items that can be safely stored in these versatile facilities, creating valuable space either in your home or workplace.

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