Why You Should Use Personal Self-Storage When You Go Travelling

It is becoming more frequent for people to take extended holidays to different destinations to explore and experience foreign shores – the student ‘gap’ year is a common event, but now more and more people take extended ‘career or work breaks’ to further their travel experience. One of the big considerations for people wanting to take one of these sabbaticals is what to do with their homes whilst they are away – not everybody wants to leave their house lying empty and they need to consider how best to protect both their properties and their contents. Some people may have options to store their items in a friend’s or family member’s garage or sheds, but this is not an ideal situation for most people – personal self-storage is the best answer to this dilemma – here are some aspects of self storage to consider:   

Long Term Secure Storage

If you are going to be absent from your home for a significant period then you may consider renting out your home – this not only generates a useful income from your property, but also ensures that your house is occupied for your time away. Whilst this is a practical use of your property you may not want those renting your house to have access to some or all your household belongings – personal self-storage is the best solution! Self-storage prices are affordable and most personal storage facilities offer safe, secure, dry, and comfortable storage units that can house all manner of your household items. Personal self-storage units are available in all sizes and capacities, so you can rent a large unit capable of keeping every furniture item from your home if you wish, or smaller units to perhaps store more personal items of value and fragility – there is a relevant sized storage unit to cater for whichever items you want to keep separate and safe. 


If going away travelling you will, inevitably, have considered the relevant travel insurance to cover your trip – similar consideration should be made for any personal storage unit you rent. You may want to keep items of great value in storage, or perhaps just of sentimental, personal value – either way, it is a responsible move to consider the extra security of insurance for your valuables. Most personal self-storage facilities will offer and/or provide storage insurance, often included in the rental price of the storage unit itself – check with the storage company as to whether this is the case and, if so, at what level does their insurance cover – if there is a ‘shortfall’ in the cover offered and what you deem as a more realistic value to your stored items then you should arrange insurance cover for the difference.   

Packing A Storage Unit

To obtain the best use from your self-storage unit you should maximise the available space as efficiently as possible – to do this you should ensure that you have packed away your belongings in the most effective and productive manner. Use quality packing materials such as packing paper, bubble wrap for ‘breakables’, and delicate items, and sturdy packing boxes that can be safely stacked in storage. Ensure all storage boxes are clearly labelled for easy identification and access whilst in storage and to make unpacking easier when relevant. Any large furniture items that can be dismantled will store more easily and efficiently when taken apart, and you should avoid stacking or leaning larger furniture items against walls to allow for better all-round ventilation. Covering your furniture items with dustsheets will help maintain their condition and it is always advisable to protect table and chair legs with padding to avoid scratching and other potential damage.      

Benefits Of A Personal Self-Storage Unit

Amongst the many benefits of personal self-storage is the guaranteed security for 24 hours-a-day with state-of-the-art surveillance, affordable self-storage prices, flexible access to your storage unit and, of course, the peace of mind that your important items are safe whilst you away. 

General Tips For Home Security When Away Travelling

If you are leaving the property empty whilst you are away travelling, then here are some security aspects to consider – leave some curtains drawn to obscure outside view, leave a key with a neighbour, friend or relative for them to regularly check the house, and inform the postal service of your planned absence to avoid a ‘build-up’ of mail inside the door. It is also a good idea to mow your lawns (if you have any) just before you go away and ask a neighbour to put your bins out on the appropriate days, even though they won’t need emptying. 

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