5 benefits of having a storage unit in Battersea


The final frontier.

And it’s what’s at the core of the problem – or rather, the lack of it.  Or to drill down further, the cost of it in Battersea.  Back in May we commented that last year the average cost of a flat in the area was over £800,000; a terraced house was over £1.2 million; and a semi-detached house was over £1.5 million.  And we’re fairly sure that however much you spend you probably still haven’t got enough space!

Of course, you may be able to extend or add additional rooms or maybe do loft conversions … but these aren’t cheap either and certainly run into thousands of pounds, sometimes tens of thousands of pounds.

So, when writing about the benefits of “outsourcing” the problem by using storage units, we’re tempted just to say “compare storage unit prices in Battersea with the cost of <ENTER ANYTHING YOU WANT HERE> and the argument is made … but as we’re kind we thought we’d give you a little more than that, so here’s our top 5:

      1. It saves you vast amounts of money – exponentially cheaper than buying or renting or converting, as described above.


      1. You get the space you need – to do anything you want with (within reason).


      1. It gives you flexibility – you don’t have to make any long or even medium term commitments – whatever your reasons for doing it, if your situation alters or your requirements change you just stop using the storage with the minimum of fuss.


      1. You don’t have to throw anything away or de-clutter – you just store it somewhere else. Of course, that may be a good idea (as long as you don’t throw away the old Picasso in the loft we’re always going on about) but that’s the subject for another day.


    1. It gives you choice too – whether you’re moving house, running a business from home, decorating, storing seasonal items or whatever, using storage units can help to solve the problem.

Whatever your motivation, you’re in exactly the right place to sort it out!

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