Does my business need a storage unit?

There are several reasons why your business might need a storage unit – we cover some of the most popular ones below.

Your business is relocating

This is a very common reason to use temporary business storage.   If you’re moving, there will often be a time period between vacating the original premises and occupying the new ones … and during this period you’ll have enough to occupy yourselves without worrying about what to do with all your “stuff”.  What you want to know is that it is stored safely and securely at a convenient location, that you can get it when you need it, and that it’s not costing you the earth.

Office refurbishment

Similarly, if you’re only moving out (or part moving out) temporarily while, for example, your offices are being refurbished and/or redecorated, business storage is an ideal mechanism for freeing up space.  This way you can clear the area, allowing you to do what you need to do without all your “stuff” getting in the way … and at the same time all your “stuff” is out of harm’s way.  A win/win!

Office overflow

We can’t always accurately predict what’s going to happen to our business.  We may get a rush of orders (wouldn’t that be nice?) or any number of other possibilities, or it may simply be that we get a sudden and unexpected overflow, and we haven’t got space to put everything efficiently.  Again, this is when business storage comes into its own – especially if the situation is not only temporary but also if you don’t know exactly when it will end.  In situations such as this, flexible terms and conditions – where you’re not tied to minimum terms or fixed amounts of storage – are one of the “must haves” that we’ve mentioned before.

“Business as usual” storage

The situations that we’ve mentioned so far are all temporary – although they could last for several months or in extreme cases years.  There’s another scenario where business storage can be very useful, and that’s where you use it to store some or all of your stock “business as usual”.  In other words, you effectively outsource the space that you need to run your business.  An increasing number of companies are doing this, and it’s proving to be a highly satisfactory solution to the perennial problem of a lack of affordable space.  Once again you’ll need a supplier not only with flexible T&C’s but who can offer quick and easy access to your stock.

And while we’re on the subject of “affordable space” …

As we all know property – and space (office, retail, warehouse etc.) – in London is very expensive.  Especially in and around Battersea / Fulham / Victoria / Battersea / Kensington / Chelsea.  So this concept of “outsourcing” your space – which lies at the heart of business storage – is an elegant solution to the problem.

The perfect answer – business storage in battersea

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