4 benefits of having a self storage unit for extra belongings

We’ve written a lot of articles about storage – what an excellent solution it is, what to look out for, how it gives you flexibility, when to use it … but we haven’t spent that much time talking about the actual benefits of having your own personal space – outside your own home – for you to do what you want with!

So let’s correct that right now by listing the top 5 reasons why it’s an excellent idea:

You’ll have a nice, clean, tidy, de-cluttered home

It will look nicer, you’ll have more storage space available, and you’ll be able to find things quicker – even, perhaps, immediately!  Don’t say that you’ve never been unable to lay your hands on that vitally important document, Passport, letter … and if you’re looking to sell or rent then you’ll find that will be a whole lot easier.

Your health will be improved

It’s true!  Dust – the commonest unwanted accompaniment of clutter – can cause asthma (or make it worse) and allergies.

Increased productivity

There’s lots of evidence that a clean, organised environment frees up not only actual but mental space – so you can concentrate on the task in hand instead of looking in exasperated fashion at piles of papers and wondering “where do I start?”.  Jeff Goins has said that Clutter is the enemy of Creativity – and he has a point.

Keep your belongings

And the beauty of a personal storage solution is that you’re not (necessarily) throwing anything away, or giving it to charity, you’re simply storing it safely and securely somewhere else until you need it!  So the old Picasso gathering dust in the loft is safe, at least for the time being …

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