What Is Self Storage?

Many people will have many different reasons for wanting to make use of self-storage facilities, be it for individual, personal reasons, or as a business necessity and benefit. Self-storage offers professionally equipped and managed storage facilities that guarantee safe storage of your possessions. Whether you wish to store personal, household items – perhaps you are downsizing or moving home – or business items such as stock, equipment, or tools, then self-storage units offer security and easy access to your items, whilst also bringing a sense of order and space to your situation. Here are some aspects of self-storage for you to consider:


Basically, self-storage is a service that allows an individual or business to securely store their possessions and items on a flexible basis – it provides a personal space separate from your main base, either your home or business premises, where items can be safely kept. The primary function of self-storage is to provide flexible, convenient storage space for either short or long term, depending on your requirements.

Self-Storage Units

Self-storage facilities provide individual storage units of varying size and capacity which may be used for single item storage (bulky furniture items etc), seasonal items (Christmas decorations and such), or business storage (documents, stock) – just about anything can be stored safely and securely. Access to these units is exclusive and restricted entirely to the person renting that specific unit – they are the sole keyholders and many of these facilities have state-of-the-art surveillance and digital access entry to ensure that your items are kept private and secure.

Business Storage

Both large and small businesses can benefit from utilising self-storage, where space – or rather lack of space – can be a limiting factor. From a start-up business still growing, to a larger, established business perhaps needing space to store and archive past documentation, self-storage offers a flexible and secure solution allowing your business to adapt to its ever-changing corporate arena.

Flexibility and Convenience 

Most professional storage facilities offer very flexible terms with regards to rental periods, unlike many other rental options which often impose rigid and restrictive terms – self-storage units can be rented at short notice and for shorter rental periods from a week upwards. This flexibility is a great bonus if you require temporary storage for a house renovation or move or, from a business aspect, storing stock for a particular promotion or at seasonal periods over the year.


Perhaps the main consideration in choosing a self-storage facility is the level of security that it can offer – you need to know that you are entrusting your important and often valuable items into the care of a facility which guarantees their safety and pristine condition! As stated earlier, all the modern self-storage facilities offer CCTV systems, electronic access controls, and many are manned 24-hours- a day with security staff. This ensures that your items are, not only stored in dry, clean conditions – often climate-controlled – but that they are always safeguarded from damage, theft, and any other potential threats.  Professional self-storage facilities provide that all-important peace of mind that your possessions are in safe hands!

If you are facing a space shortage at home or business premises, then self-storage offers you a viable, affordable, and flexible solution – it provides an opportunity for decluttering, reorganising, and streamlining your home or work environment improving everyday living and more efficient and productive work conditions. Self-storage offers an invaluable service in providing adaptability and security solutions for the space and organisation aspects of your life.