How To Control Stock In Self Storage Facilities

Many small businesses can quickly and easily find themselves struggling for space on their business premises – given that the aim of most small businesses is to become bigger, then this may be a positive sign! It can, however, become a problem in running the business in the most efficient manner and hinder the potential growth of the business as the limited space makes storing inventory an overwhelming challenge! There are undoubted benefits from being organised in an efficient and orderly way. One of the most common issues with business growth is that of physical space – you may need increased space for stock items, extra documentation, or perhaps additional staff! Renting self-storage space will help your business to be efficient and better organised – here are some aspects of how to get the most efficient use from your storage unit space:

Physical Organisation 

If your business involves holding products or stock items, then physical organisation is vital to the efficiency of your business. A properly organised storage space helps you and you staff locate stock items easily and quickly, therefore providing a better service to your customers.


Using self-storage units to keep your stock off-site frees up valuable space at your main business hub or location – and making the best use of that storage space is essential. Use shelving and racking to help maximise the available space – using the vertical space is as important as using the floor space of your unit. Storing stock on modular racks and wall shelving not only makes best use of the space but makes it easier to locate items quickly.

If your stock is kept in boxes, then stack them strategically to maximise your space – ensure heavier boxes are stored at the bottom with lighter boxes stacked on top and store them in logical categories or product types for easier location and access.

Make use of other storage containers – plastic crates for example, are easy to stack and can protect stock from moisture, dust and any other elements that may degrade or spoil your stock. Use clear storage containers so stock items are easily identified.

Consider the physical layout of your storage unit and plan where to place your storage containers – place the larger items flush against walls and in the corners and ensure there is practical and comfortable physical access to the containers. Stack items vertically – but ensure you do so only to a safe height.


For your business to be the most efficient then inventory management is essential – a disorganised and haphazard storage space can lead to errors and poor service to your customers thereby having a negative affect on your business. Having looked at the physical aspect of maximising your storage space you should address the packaging and labelling considerations – label all packages and containers with all the important information about the contents such as product names, SKU’s where appropriate, and keep an orderly inventory of all items. When despatching or moving your valuable stock, ensure that you have packed them safely and securely with appropriate, high-quality packaging materials. Establish an effective inventory management system and ensure it is updated for all transactions as they occur – categorise your inventory by product type, storage location and any other pertinent factors for the stock items.


Business storage facilities offer secure, dry, and organised units that are ideal for storage of stock items – many storage facilities have state-of-the-art security systems and climate-controlled environments and allow twenty-four-hour access to your storage space through personalised access codes and keys, allowing entry only to your authorised personnel.


The advantages of self-storage to small businesses are undeniable – along with the cost-effective aspect, the security and convenience of business storage can be a real boon as your business develops and grows. You may need increased space for a growing inventory and having a properly organised space and inventory management system in place will make the growth transition easier to accommodate, whilst keeping all your stock items in the best possible condition.

Cost and Value 

Self-storage units do not have to be expensive and are an ideal cost-effective and practical answer to achieving the best productivity organisation for your business.