Use business storage to make the most of your office space

Many people only consider storage an issue for businesses that deal in physical stock of some kind. However, with office space as expensive as it is, especially in London, you want to ensure that you’re making the most, and best, use of the office space you have. One solution is to use business self- storage as an extension of your own office.

Why would you want to use business storage?

Well, despite the modern trend for paperless offices and online data storage, many still take a certain comfort from the presence of a physical alternative of their information. There are certain legal requirements for different businesses to retain, and to be able to produce, records of varying content and nature. However, keeping all this information secure and intact takes up valuable space within your everyday working environment.  Business storage is the best solution to this dilemma.

What would you use business storage for?

Document archiving

Paper archive records that are securely stored offer safety from potential on-line or cyber security risks and are a valuable and reliable back-up option in case of the loss of important or sensitive data.

All our self-storage arrangements conform to the legal requirements as stipulated for BRITISH STANDARD – BIP 0008.

Equipment storage

Office equipment can take up a considerable amount of space – use a self-storage unit to keep equipment you don’t use daily but need to access occasionally.

Archive storage

Business storage offers a viable solution for depositing, storing and retrieving documents quickly and easily whenever required. It allows personal, or legally sensitive, information to be held and accessed ONLY by those officially authorised and entitled to do so.

How do I take advantage of business storage?

Chelsea Self Storage are located just a short distance from the Kings Road in Fulham. We offer rates competitive to anywhere else supplying business storage in London and can cater for all your storage requirements, both short and long term. For further information simply contact us.