Top items that are better off in storage when selling your home

Selling your home can be a stressful and difficult process for a number of reasons. Firstly, there may be the emotional upset of leaving some of your personal past behind. Then, there’s the actual business process – you want to secure the best price for your property that you can. Now you don’t need Kirsty or Phil to tell you that the key to that is presentation. So what are the main issues regarding presentation:

Clear up clutter

You should clear all surfaces, ledges, shelves etc. of ornaments and such leaving a clean, open look to the rooms.

Remove personalised items

You need to consider the property as a marketable asset, not a home. To this end, all items of a personal nature should be moved from display – prospective buyers want to be able to visualize the space with their own items.

Use minimal furniture

You should present the rooms with the minimum amount of furniture that demonstrates the use of the room. The less there is in there, the bigger the room looks!

Store away bikes

Again, these items take up vital space and whilst it’s handy for you to have immediate access to them, they don’t show off the available space in the house to the best effect.

Tidy clothes away

People looking around your house are, unfortunately, inevitably going to open cupboards etc. to check the storage space. You should ensure these cupboards are tidy and uncluttered.

Clear kitchen work surfaces

Remove all your kitchen appliances from the work surfaces. Cleaner visual lines give the room a sleeker and therefore larger workable space which is, after all, what people are looking to buy – space!

Why use a self storage company?

The point of all this is, that taking advantage of personal storage can be a valuable tool in selling your home. At the same time, you need to know that these items you love are being stored in a clean, safe environment waiting to be unleashed on your next property – self-storage units can provide that piece of mind.

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