Five Reasons Why Students May Need A Storage Unit

Being a student can be tough but one of the issues that you may not even consider when you move into halls for Freshers is how you are going to store your belongings whilst you are at university. Moving your life between locations for the summer break is a big task so you may need to consider your student storage depending on your lifestyle changes.

1. Overestimated Your Space?

You checked out the accommodation online and had a look round on open day but nothing can prepare you for getting those keys, opening the door to your new room, and finding out it’s tiny! After having moved your stuff half way across the country where are you going to put it all? A storage unit might be the ideal solution to your tiny room problem, so you can store all the items you’re not going to need on a regular basis – like the guitar you brought that you’ve never actually learned to play.

2. More Room Than At Home?

Not in halls? You’ve bagged a nice big house share with your mates and you got lucky with the largest room in the house – in fact it’s larger than your bedroom at home. That’s great, but what are you going to do with all your stuff when you have to leave?

There may not be the space to take your items home and with no room all summer you have to find somewhere to keep your belongings. Student storage options are probably the best way forward – renting your space to take the overflow from your student let.

3. You Don’t Know Your Housemates Or Your Housemates Like To Party Hard

You may have brought items to uni with you which have sentimental or financial value. Not too hard to keep safe if you are in halls or a student let with locked doors but in a house share it may be a recipe for disaster! If you don’t know your flatmates you may not be sure you can trust them around anything precious. If your fellow students like to party hard there is a risk that your items may get lost, broken, or stolen. Using secure student storage can keep those precious items locked up safe and sound.

4. Acquired A New Hobby?

University is a great time to try out new and unusual interests such as rock climbing, canoeing, piano playing, the list goes on and on. New hobbies are brilliant but where are you going to securely store all your new hobby equipment? Choosing the correct student storage unit will help you neatly pack away your hobby equipment so it doesn’t take over the limited space in your room.

5. End Of An Era

University’s over, you’ve had a blast and you have been lucky enough to secure a graduate job already – it’s the other side of the country but you don’t start until the end of summer. Rather than moving everything twice, it makes more sense to hire a storage unit and move everything at once at the end of summer.

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