The recipe for successful self storage 

We’ve talked about all aspects of storage over the last year, and we hope that you’ve found our articles both useful and enjoyable.

We thought that this time we’d remind you of the recipe for successful self-storage, which begins of course with the essential ingredients.

The essential ingredients for success

  • Location – particularly if you need regular or frequent access to the items
  • Security – you need the peace of mind that your valuable items are safe (anti-theft, clean, dry, fire-proof etc.)
  • Availability – you may need some items at very short notice, or perhaps regularly if you’re running a business from home
  • Customer Service – this needs to be prompt, efficient, helpful and knowledgeable. Naturally!
  • Value for money – you only pay for the space that you need
  • Commitment – you don’t have to sign up for long term deals – you may not KNOW precisely how long you need the space for!
  • Notice period – you don’t have to give unreasonable notice to end the agreement
  • Speed – you sign up and move your stuff quickly
  • Assistance – with things like boxes and packing materials and even van hire recommendations

What you shouldn’t need

Optimism! Actually, let’s re-phrase that. Optimism is of course a very good thing to have, and a very good state of mind generally to be in, so we’re not knocking it!

But you shouldn’t have to have that “fingers crossed, I hope it all works out” feeling. Your supplier should make you feel confident that everything will be fine.

It’s obvious really, but we wanted to say it.

So you’ve got the ingredients – what’s the recipe?

This is fairly straightforward. Armed with your check-list, you add all the ingredients together … and then find the right supplier … and given where you’ve got to already this shouldn’t prove too difficult!

Here at Chelsea Storage we’ve been providing flexible self storage (and other services) to our customers for over thirty years – so we have a long track record of success and a very large number of people who have been delighted by us.

Our highly trained staff are experts in their field, and can advise you on all aspects of self storage and recommend the best and most cost-effective options for you.

We are conveniently located a short walk from the Kings Road in Chelsea, and have satisfied clients across London who can testify to our capability and customer service.

You might like to try our space calculator if you don’t know how much space you might need – but feel free to call us anytime on 0808 168 1310 (Freephone) or 0207 351 6800

and we’ll be very happy to answer your questions.

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