Questions to consider before choosing self storage

When you’re looking for storage for personal or business use, there are many things to consider. The key questions you should always ask include security, pricing and space. Our friendly team are always on hand to help with your storage enquiry. To get you started, here are the main questions you need to think about before choosing a storage unit.

How much storage space do I need?

The first thing to consider when choosing your storage unit is space. How much do you need? You can use our online space calculator for an estimate or speak to one of our team members. Staff at a self-storage unit will advise you on the best unit for your needs, no matter how big or small.

How long can I use the storage unit for?

You may think that storage is only for long-term use, but many people use self-storage for short-term projects such as house moves and renovations. If your project overruns or you need longer-term business storage, our flexible terms and conditions mean you can adapt your unit to your needs.

How do I move my goods into the storage facility?

Transporting the goods to the self-storage facility is your responsibility. If needed, we can put you in contact with local transport and removal companies who can help with your move. Once at the unit, there is plenty of space to unload your belongings and get them into your unit.

How should I pack my items ready for storage?

Everything should be packed safely and securely for transportation to the storage unit. Ensure all items are dry and free from contaminants which could cause problems in long-term storage. Give everything a thorough clean before packing and try adding a moisture absorber to protect fabrics. If you need additional packing materials, we can help – just ask.

Is self storage secure?

This should be your key concern. To ensure your goods are safe and secure, your storage company should provide a highly secure environment. At Chelsea Self Storage, we use state of the art security and CCTV for 24-hour monitoring in addition to highly secure steel partitioned units. For complete peace of mind, only you have a key for your unit.

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