5 top tips for effective self storage packing

If you do decide to put things into self storage, there are a few Golden Rules you should follow to make sure that everything works out well.  Here we list the top 5.

1. Self Storage: Choose the right supplier

We’ve talked about this often, but obviously you’ll want to choose a supplier that offers value for money, excellent service, safe and secure storage, flexible terms, and is conveniently located … and that’s just for starters!

2. Storage Packing: Consider what not to store

Here’s a link to an article we wrote a few months ago going into this in detail – it’s worth looking at for a comprehensive list.

Leaving aside all the obvious things that you should never store, there are some things that you could put into storage, but it would be inadvisable.  For example, wet items (e.g. clothes that haven’t dried completely) could lead to mildew, mould and bacteria – which apart from anything else could quickly cause damage to your items.  Similarly, scented items can attract pests and insects.

3. Pack for storage like you pack for a flight

If you get into this mindset, even for things that aren’t fragile, then you’re almost certain not to encounter any problems when you eventually unpack.  Treat everything delicately, and if the item is fragile then wrap it in bubble wrap, preferably more than one layer. Having wrapped them all up, arrange them very carefully in their storage box.  Imagine that the box might be shunted around (it won’t, but it’s a precaution worth taking).  Use crumpled or shredded paper or Styrofoam to pack the space between the items.

4. Label your storage boxes

You might think you’ll remember, but you probably won’t – so label all your boxes not only with what they are or where the things come from or who they belong to (e.g. BOOKS or KITCHEN or DAD’S STUFF) but the all important THIS WAY UP and if necessary FRAGILE PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE .

5. Use sturdy storage boxes

Use high quality sturdy boxes, that won’t get damaged or dented.  Nothing will happen to them while in storage, it’s just another level of protection – a sort of fail-safe.  Plastic, or failing that heavy duty cardboard is best.

Also, try and use the same sized boxes for all your fragile items (if you need more than one).  This will mean that you can stack them in the storage facility more easily and they are less likely to fall over.

Don’t make the boxes too big, either.  Because they’re probably lightweight, you may be tempted to use larger boxes to get more stuff in.  But think about carrying them – and potentially dropping them!  Make it easy on yourself.

At the slight risk of over-simplifying things, follow these 5 Golden Rules and you’ll be fine … and even better news, you’ve found us!

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