How to prepare your clothes for storage

There are many reasons why people choose a personal storage unit to store their possessions; from moving home, to renovating, to downsizing. And there are many things to consider when preparing your items for storage. Clothing, in particular, requires some careful thought and consideration.

Here are our top tips for how to prepare your clothes for self storage:

Only store clean clothing

It may seem like the obvious answer, but clean clothes can be easily overlooked. If left to fester, perfumes and deodorants can leave stains on clothing. Any residual dirt and dust can attract moths and mites, so when you come to unpack, you’re left with a nasty surprise.

Consider the clothes you are storing and ensure they are cleaned appropriately, whether that’s with a washing machine or a dry clean. It is also very important the clothes are completely dried before storing, as any damp can lead to mould.

Pack properly to effectively use the space

Like with other household items, clothing should be packed properly. Heavier items go at the bottom and lighter, more delicate items go at the top. Rolling clothes rather than folding will give you more space to pack and you’ll be able to see items more clearly this way too. There really isn’t any need to iron clothing as you will likely need to re-iron and indeed re-wash when you get your clothes back, so remove the extra hassle. Make sure not to over-pack boxes as this can lead to items losing their shape; and if you have items that usually require hangers, you should consider investing in a storage box with a hanging rail. Don’t forget to sort through your hats, gloves, scarves and belts. They can all go safely into storage as well.

Be ruthless and cull your wardrobe

If you’re planning to use a personal self unit, now is the time to be ruthless with your wardrobe. Go through everything you plan to store and take some time to think about whether you will wear these items again. The rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn something for over a year, you probably won’t wear it again. It’s time to say goodbye to that old t-shirt or ripped jeans you’ve been holding onto. Anything that still has some life in it can always be donated to charity.

Repair damages – you’ll thank yourself later

It may seem like a laborious task but checking items for damage and repairing them before they go into self storage will be gratefully received when you come to retrieving your items later on. Darning a small hole and replacing a missing button are quick and easy fixes now for a future reward.

Clean footwear and pack separately

As with clothes, shoes and boots should also be cleaned, and polished where appropriate. Footwear should be packed separately from clothes and stuffed with tissue or newspaper to maintain their shape.

Consider your storage boxes – they need to protect your clothing

When storing clothes, you should consider what containers you are using. Clothes need to be kept in dry, cool, clean and dark spaces, to avoid mould and colour-fading. Vacuum bags are really only suited for short-term storage. While they are a great idea to reduce the amount of storage space required, wool and silk items can become damaged and lose their shape so if you plan to store clothing for a few months plus, you’re better opting for plastic storage boxes with airtight lids to ensure your clothes remain dry and mould-free.

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