Top 7 tips for Personal Self Storage

Here’s a picture we included in our article in October 2015:


That’s right – space.  Something so vast, when we look up at the night sky, but when we live in London, chances are it’s at a premium.  And then of course there’s what happens if we move, and the new place isn’t ready, or our home business expands and we need extra storage, or any number of other eventualities.

In all these cases we need extra space … and that’s when personal self storage comes in.  This is when you can store things safely at a secure location, ideally not too far from home (or somewhere similarly convenient), and retrieve them only when you need or want to.

If you’ve never done it before, you may feel a bit apprehensive.  Top of the list will be “will my stuff be safe?” closely followed by “what will it cost?” and “what if I don’t know how long I need to leave my stuff there?” and a host of similar concerns.

So to help you out we’ve prepared a simple check-list for you to run through if you’re considering personal self storage.  Here goes:

1. Security.

Visit the site and check it out.  Ask about anti-theft precautions (e.g. alarms, CCTV, BT Redcare, strength of partitions, who else has keys etc.)

2. Integrity.

It’s one thing if your items are safe from theft – but what about from fire or flooding or damp (written on one of the wettest days on record, in the aftermath of all the floods across northern England) or for that matter excess heat (chance would be a fine thing!).  How are the storage units sealed and protected from the outside world and the elements?

3. Location.

This is important, obviously, and all the more so if you need regular or frequent access.  You don’t want to drive half-way across London, through all that traffic, if you can help it!  You want the entire drop-off/collect process to be quick and convenient

4. Accessibility.

How easy is it to access your items, whether it’s something you’ve suddenly realised you need (perhaps it was packed accidentally) or things you need on a regular basis (for example, you run an EBAY business from home)?

5. Terms & Conditions.

Do you only pay for the space that you actually need?  What sort of commitment do you need to give i.e. is there a minimum period?  (If so, what if you don’t know?  What’s the notice period to get your stuff out?  How flexible are they?  Are there any hidden costs?

6. Value for money.

The bottom line.  How much will it cost, and do you think that’s a fair price?

7. Customer service.

How good is it?  Do they have any reference customers you can talk to?  Will they help you and give you advice (for example with boxes or the names of recommended removal firms)?  Do they seem friendly, helpful, and competent?

These 7 should do for starters.  If you get acceptable answers to all of the above questions, then you’ve probably found the right supplier.  If you live in or near Fulham/Victoria/Battersea/Kensington/Chelsea then you’ve definitely found the right supplier!

Now you know the top tips for personal self storage – how can we help you?

Here at Chelsea Self Storage we’ve been providing flexible and cost-effective self and personal storage – as well as business storage – for over thirty years now.

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