What are the costs of a storage unit?

Back in 2006 The Guardian newspaper ran a report on self-storage, comparing prices in different parts of the country and also reviewing ways to save money.  Some of the key points made in the article were:The biggest factor is how much space you need.

  • There will be a rising tariff usually linked to how many square feet you want. You can rent in sizes, such as up to 25 sq feet, 50 sq feet, 100 sq feet, 150 sq feet or 200 sq feet
  • The longer you’re planning to use it, the cheaper it becomes
  • And in terms of cost per square feet, the bigger the storage area rented, the cheaper it becomes
  • If you don’t need regular access to your possessions, travelling further can lower the charges

Although compiled over 10 years ago, these fairly obvious points still apply.  There are however some other considerations too:

Storage Contract Flexibility

A headline cheap storage rate is one thing – but if you have to sign up for a minimum period of time – which you don’t end up needing – you can be substantially worse off.

Check For Hidden Costs

Be sure you only pay for the self storage space you actually need, or once again whether some sort of minimum applies. These are all the sorts of issues that come back to haunt you if they’re buried within the T&C’s. We have a Space Calculator that can help you get an estimate, and we’d strongly recommend that you talk to us as well!
Also check for other costs including insurance, or costs relating to accessing your possessions earlier than planned.

Storage Units Are Good Value For Money

Whatever the actual cost in £, the important point is surely that it translates to an amount of money that the buyer thinks is fair, reasonable, and competitive for the products or services being bought – which may or may not be “cheap”. And you have to factor in the cost of not doing it, which may be prohibitive in terms of inconvenience, hassle, damage to property (for example during an extension) and so on.

So if we now return to the subject in hand – the cost of storage units in Fulham. As we did with Battersea earlier in the year, let’s have a quick look at property prices in the area and thus the cost of “space”. This is from Rightmove:

Fulham, with an overall average price of £1,038,690 was cheaper than nearby Parsons Green (£1,191,327), Hurlingham (£1,257,418) and Walham Green (£1,280,347). Overall sold prices in Fulham over the last year were similar to the previous year and similar to the 2014 level of £1,026,950.

If you compare self-storage to the “cost” of additional space in a flat or house, it’s what we call a “no brainer”

Which leads us onto the headline figure – the storage rates themselves. Sure, these need to be competitive, but they also need to be taken into context with all of the factors mentioned above. We’re not in the business of hiding additional costs within the small print. Our pricing is transparent, flexible, and starts from as little as £8 per week.

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