The ultimate van packing guide

Packing can feel stressful: a constant stream of packing followed by unpacking, repeated several times. Don’t worry: we know the feeling and frustration. However, we have a solution. Packing up the van for a big move is unavoidable, but to help ease the burden, we’ve put together the ultimate van packing guide.

When it comes to loading up your van, you need to think about the process in the same careful way that you will when you are unpacking it later into your new storage unit and, eventually perhaps, your new space. You will want to ensure that you don’t break anything and that all your items are organised so they fit in the van comfortably and are easily accessible should you need them.

Below are some considerations to note:

The size of your van

This may seem like an obvious point, but actually having a clear indication of the size of the van you will be using for your self-storage can help make the process a lot less stressful. We often overestimate how big space is, which results in chaos. On the other hand, if we underfill, we aren’t making the most of the space available, and the items could roll around and become damaged. If you pack early, hopefully you won’t overfill or underfill your van.

Make a plan – prioritise what needs to be unloaded first

Planning is key to a stress-free move, so think strategically. Consider what you need to transport to self-storage and how best to fit everything in the van. Consider what needs to be removed first and if there are fragile items in the van. Also, consider what is heaviest or largest and if there is anything you need to access before you remove it completely. Check out this checklist for packing for storage to help with your planning.

Don’t avoid asking for help

Whether it’s the help of a friend, neighbour or family member who owes you a favour, don’t leave the burden of packing your van all to yourself. Help is always available if you just ask. Family and friends can also help you label your items and boxes, which will help make the transition from self-storage to the final destination much easier.

So there you have it: follow these tips and your van packing won’t seem so daunting. If you’re on the lookout for self-storage in Chelsea, then get in touch with us today for a quote and to find out more.