Top 10 Storage Ideas For Your Home

In every home, storage – or lack of it – will at some time become a problem! There are many ways to combat this space issue though, whether you want to proudly display your belongings or neatly tidy them away – here are some practical tips for creating extra storage around your home:

Wall Mount Bulky Items 

Many items around the home can be awkward shapes and bulky making them big space consumers! If you have bikes, sports equipment, or tools and such, why not mount them on racks or brackets on a wall? This frees-up valuable floor space for other items and creates a more attractive appearance displaying the items on the wall rather than them being squeezed into inappropriate spaces.

A Pot Rack 

The kitchen is a room where space always seems to be an issue – always a busy space with lots of activity and a lot of different items in use and on display. Pots and pans can take up considerable room as well as looking ‘untidy’ and haphazard – installing a hanging- pulley rack not only frees-up valuable worksurface or cupboard space, but also creates an aesthetically pleasing feature in a kitchen!


Provided either by way of a bookcase or simply affixed to a wall, shelving provides great storage. If floor space is a problem, then installing extra wall-shelving will offer a practical and versatile space for storing books, DVD’s and CD’s, as well as proving ideal for displaying photos and ornaments. Easy to install and inexpensive, they can be a great addition in any room.

Hidden Storage

You can get furniture items that perform other practical functions whilst also providing hidden storage – consider hollow footstools around the home which offer additional seating for when you are entertaining as well as providing extra storage for books, magazines, and such. Blanket boxes and trunks can be lovely pieces of furniture as well as being ideal storage.


The bedroom can offer some valuable storage space that is often overlooked – whilst you make the best use of your wardrobes, bedside cabinets, and chests of drawers there is obvious space underused! Depending on the type of bed you have, there is often space underneath that can provide great storage – instead of the gap under your bed just being a nuisance to dust, you can keep storage boxes, spare linen, towels, and bedding amongst other things. You could also buy certain beds with built-in storage as an alternative.

Unused Spaces 

Most houses will have some unusual features that may be ‘awkward’ spaces or ‘nooks and crannies’ that go unused – these spaces can be ideal for storing smaller items or even offer an opportunity to house small shelving. These small spaces can be dressed by curtains or similar, to conceal the stored items. Similarly, a space often overlooked for storage can be underneath the stairs – an understairs cupboard or just the vacant space dressed by a nice covering can provide substantial storage space.

Coffee Tables 

Practical for any lounge or drawing room, a coffee table provides primarily a platform for placing drinks and snacks, or displaying photographs and ornaments, but many come with drawers or storage compartments where you can keep those odd items that you don’t want just lying around.

Over The Door Hanging 

You can buy inexpensive, simple hanging racks from any household store – they can provide hanging space for items such as dressing-gowns, towels, coats, and hats. Simply hang over the top of the door, they offer practical extra space and can be deployed in any room in the house.  

Seasonal Clothing 

Many of us have suitcases stored somewhere at home – and often the only time they are practically used is when they are taken out for the holidays! Suitcases are natural storage around the home as well – they are ideal for storing seasonal clothing – your winter wardrobe during the summer months and vice versa! 

Vacuum Packed Bags 

An obvious space saver – but not used as often as they should! These vacuum-packed bags can hold bulky clothing, bedding, and such, in a condensed form, and once filled are ideal to store under the bed as we mentioned earlier, creating more hanging space in your wardrobes.

As well as these practical suggestions around the home, if space is a particular problem, then consider renting a storage unit in your area – they are often inexpensive and provide safe, dry, versatile storage space for your items.