The benefits of a clean home through storage …

We’ve written a lot of articles about storage – what an excellent solution it is, and what to look out for.  We haven’t spent that much time talking about the actual benefits of having a nice, clean, de-cluttered home … so we thought that we would rectify that omission this time.

Before we do however, and this is a personal (although widely-held) view, books are exempt.  That’s to say, books are never untidy.  Wherever they are, however they’re stored – even if they’re piled up on the floor – they are not messy.  Indeed, they are a thing of beauty.  There, having got that out of the way, we move on!

  1. An obvious one to start with, but health shouldn’t be ignored.  Dust – the commonest unwanted accompaniment of clutter – can cause asthma (or make it worse) and allergies.
  2. Your home will look nicer (did we mention books are exempt though?)
  3. This is a biggie – you’ll be able to find things quicker – even, perhaps, immediately!  Don’t say that you’ve never been unable to lay your hands on that vitally important document, Passport, letter …
  4. Increased productivity.  That’s right, there’s lots of evidence that a clean, organised environment frees up not only actual but mental space – so you can concentrate on the task in hand instead of looking in exasperated fashion at piles of papers and wondering “where do I start?”.  Jeff Goins has said that Clutter is the enemy of Creativity – and he has a point.  That said …


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5. You’ll feel surprisingly good too, once you’ve tidied up – a sense of accomplishment in fact!

Of course, this is all well and good, but the beauty of a storage solution is that you’re not (necessarily) throwing anything away, or giving it to charity, you’re simply storing it safely and securely somewhere else until you need it!

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We can advise you on all aspects of storage, even down to how to pack effectively!  We can’t help you decide, ultimately, what’s clutter and what isn’t, and neither can we help you arrive at equations like

E = mc2

but we can help you on the journey towards a cleaner, tidier, home!

Did we mention books by the way?

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